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6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Comfortable Fall

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The fall season is known for many things: colorful foliage, falling leaves, Daylight Savings Time, and colder temperatures. As the dropping temperatures start coming into our area, now is a great time to prepare for spending more time indoors. How can you help ensure that your family will stay comfortable this autumn and winter season?

Below we share some seasonal maintenance and safety tips that you can do to help give you peace of mind that your heating system will work efficiently in your home this year.

Tip 1: Check The Exterior of Your Home

Keeping up on some essential maintenance items outside your home can assist your furnace and help to boost your home’s comfort this heating season. We recommend the following tasks:

  • Don’t cover the A/C unit, covers can cause corrison inside your outdoor unit from outdoor moisture. 
  • Inspect the outside of your home, specifically near your outdoor A/C or heat pump, and clear away any leaves or other debris from the unit. 
  • Check windows and doors to make sure they are locked and sealed correctly to avoid losing any heated air. Caulking around window and door frames can go a long way to keeping your home warm. 
  • Examine ways to deter animals and pests from seeking shelter near your outdoor unit. Trim back all bushes, explore mouse/rodent repellent options, and refrain from using an A/C cover. 

Tip 2: Check Batteries and Text Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The batteries in both smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors should be changed at least once a year and batteries in the thermostat should be checked. Ensure that you have detectors on each level of your home and that they are operating correctly. These are small steps that could save a life from CO poisoning due to a faulty furnace

Tip 3: Turn on Furnace and Whole-Home Humidifier

If you haven’t already, it’s time to turn on your furnace and whole-home humidifer for the colder weather seasons. Set the system to ‘heat mode’ and pay attention to any operational concerns that should be explored. Do you hear any unfamiliar sounds? Are there any rooms or areas in your home that are experiencing comfort inconsistencies? If you notice any problems, it could be time to schedule a visit with our team to diagnose and repair your system. When turning on your whole-home humidifier you will want to change out the water pad and change the setting from ‘summer’ to ‘winter’. 

Depending on the age of the system, it may also be a more economical option to look into HVAC replacement. Check out our current promotions for new system installation.

Tip 4: Get A Furnace Tune-Up

If your furnace seems to be working correctly, it’s a great time to schedule a maintenance visit to ensure that it will continue operating at its best throughout the heating season. During a tune-up appointment, our service technicians will complete several checks throughout the HVAC system to assess the essential components and ensure everything is working properly. 

Not only will a routine maintenance visit help your equipment run at peak efficiency, but it will also allow us the opportunity to anticipate and prevent a breakdown from occurring in the upcoming season.

Other Tips To Keep In Mind

Change of Clean Your Furance Filter

Now is a great time to replace or clean your furnace filter. A clogged filter can cause strain on your HVAC system due to restricted airflow; therefore, starting the season off with a clean filter will help to ensure that the heating system is equipped to operate smoothly with proper airflow going through the system. 

Changing the filter will help your heating and cooling system run efficiently, extend the system’s lifespan, and provide you with cleaner indoor air. It is recommended that you check your filter monthly for the best system performance. 

Consider Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Defend your home against this cold and flu season! Explore ways to help improve the indoor air quality in your home. For example, schedule a duct cleaning appointment, upgrade to an electric air cleaner, and add a UV Light Purifying System to your HVAC system to make significant improvements on breathing cleaner indoor air. Check out the clean air packages we offer!

Keep these basic maintenance tips in mind when you turn on your furnace and get your home prepared for fall. Pay close attention, and if you feel that your furnace isn’t working correctly, contact Logan Services for service so we can keep you comfortable in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati.

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