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Water Heater Services

water heater services

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Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance Service

Like any home system, water heaters require proper maintenance for optimal performance and longevity. If you don’t know the specifics of water heater care, let Logan A/C and Heat Services handle the details. With regular tune-ups from our expert technicians, you’ll enjoy greater efficiency, reliability, and cost savings from your water heating system.

When you schedule water heater maintenance with us, we will:

  • Test basic functions like heating capacity and leak detection
  • Inspect and clear water lines and drain valves
  • Check pipe and tank connections
  • Drain and flush sediment buildup from the tank
  • Examine the burner, heating elements, and anodes
  • Adjust water pressure and temperature as needed
  • Clean and inspect all components for wear
  • Confirm energy efficiency and safety standards are met

With regular tune-ups from our technicians, your water heater will have a great chance of running reliably for years while aiding in keeping your utility bills down.

How to Know When Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Many homeowners struggle to recognize the signs that their water heater needs servicing. To help identify issues, here are some key indicators it’s time to call for maintenance:

Decreased Hot Water Supply

If you find your hot water runs out quicker or isn’t as hot as it used to be, your system may be plagued by buildup or failing heating elements reducing output. This demands inspection and cleaning.

Any leaking from the tank, valves, or connections likely indicates worn gaskets, corrosion, or cracks needing replacement or sealant. Even minor leaks shouldn’t be ignored before causing major damage.

Loud banging noises coming from the water heater can signal sediment accumulation or failing components inside the unit. Strange noises always warrant further examination by a professional.

Spikes in your utility bills can signify that your water heating system isn’t running efficiently. Faulty parts or improper settings make the system work harder, driving up costs. Maintenance helps optimize this.

Not addressing these red flags risks more problems down the road. If you notice any of these issues, contact our team at Logan today for reliable water heater repair and maintenance services.

The Value of Regular Maintenance

Reliable hot water is essential for every home. To keep your water heater providing adequate supply year after year requires diligent maintenance. Even a properly operating unit benefits from regular tune-ups to maximize performance and longevity. Our licensed technicians perform a range of preventative care to preserve function. This includes flushing mineral buildup, assessing all mechanical components, sealing minor leaks early, adjusting settings as needed, and more. We also check that your system meets warranty stipulations, if applicable. 

Waiting until complete failure means suffering the major inconvenience of no hot water access when your household requires it. Additionally, an unchecked failing unit operates inefficiently, driving utility bills higher over time. Stay ahead of problems through proactive maintenance. Consistent hot water is a necessity we help provide.

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Ohio Homeowners Love Our Maintenance Service

Regular water heater maintenance is crucial for a smoothly running home. With prompt, skilled service from Logan A/C and Heat Services, you can relax knowing your hot water system is in capable hands.

Our customers love the comprehensive maintenance we offer. When you call us for water heater maintenance, we’ll help provide you with convenient scheduling options and access to reliable technicians who are trained and prepared to help assist with your water heater needs. We are committed to providing quality water heater maintenance in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati that maximizes the efficiency and functionality of your system.

At Logan A/C and Heat Services, our goal is complete home comfort. We treat customers like family and work hard to keep water heaters in peak condition.

How Much Does Water Heater Maintenance Cost?

Many homeowners want to reduce costs for their water heating. If your budget deters you from regular water heater maintenance, reconsider. Annual tune-ups are highly cost-effective, keeping your system running efficiently and preventing expensive repairs later on. Contact our team to learn just how beneficial and cost effective our water heater maintenance services can be for your system.

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