What To Do When Your Furnace Breaks Down In The Winter

As we start to see some of our coldest temperatures and heaviest snowfalls of the season this week, you may want to keep a close watch on your furnace. The colder it is outside, the harder your furnace will have to work to keep your home warm and comfortable.

A furnace breakdown in cold weather is the last thing anyone wants. However, because it is running so much, this is most likely the time that it will.

If your furnace stops running, here is what you should do:

checking thermostat

Check Your Thermostat

Make sure that your thermostat is switched over to ‘heating’ mode. Check and change the batteries if your thermostat is battery-operated.

check circuit breaker

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Find and check the circuit breaker for your furnace. It may have somehow gotten tripped off; flip it back to the 'on' setting.

change furnace filter

Change Your Filter

Make sure that you have a clean furnace filter. A dirty filter restricts airflow; this can overheat the system, causing a furnace to shut down.

check outdoor exhaust

Examine Your Outdoor Exhaust

Locate your outdoor exhaust pipe/vent. Make sure that they are clear and free of debris or snow and ice.
NOTE: A blocked vent could result in a furnace breakdown or cause a dangerous carbon monoxide build-up in your home.

If you have done the previous steps and still have no heat, call Logan Services immediately! We can offer emergency service and next-day installation!

Experiencing a power outage during cold temperatures? Consider these tips:

  1. Use Alternate Heat Sources Carefully: Be mindful of using anything running on natural gas or propane; it will require proper ventilation to avoid releasing dangerous levels of CO into the home. Only build fires in a well-maintained fireplace and always remember to put out the fire before you leave.
  2. Preserve Warmth In The Home: Avoid opening exterior doors as much as you can. Make sure your garage doors are also closed. Close blinds and curtains to block drafts.
  3. Dress For Comfort: Dress in layers to stay warm! Wear a hat, gloves, an extra sweater, and thick socks to help keep your body warm and your extremities flexible.
  4. Protect Your Plumbing: When the indoor temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, you risk having a pipe freeze/burst. Open cabinet doors to allow remaining heat to surround the pipes.


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