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When to Call for Heat Pump Repair in Columbus, Ohio

Most of the time, routine maintenance from Logan A/C and Heat Services will help you prevent many heat pump problems you might encounter. Our maintenance packages and heat pump specialists can often root out trouble before it ever reaches the surface. At other times, you have to deal with issues that occur unexpectedly. When it comes to a troublesome heat pump, the fix begins with an experienced professional diagnosing the problem.

Keep an eye out for these concerns:

  • Short cycling: If your heat pump is switching off without raising the temperature, it might be cycling off too quickly due to a problem in the system.
  • 10 to 12-plus years: Older heat pumps often show signs of wear more easily than new machines because they’ve been used to heat and cool your home, taking on stress from both seasons.
  • Skyrocketing energy bills: Look at last year’s energy usage and compare it to this year. If you are paying a lot more, you need a professional to help you find the cause.
  • Ineffective heating or cooling: A home that feels unnecessarily or inconsistently cold or hot may have a problem with the heat pump or the ductwork.
  • Strange noises: Clicking, rattling or banging sounds from your equipment could be an indication of a big issue. Request an inspection as soon as possible after you hear it.
  • Difficulty switching modes based on the season: Heat pumps are supposed to switch from cooling to heating and back. If yours refuses to turn to heat, you need help fixing it.

What Does Heat Pump Repair Cost?

When your heat pump breaks down, the heat pump repair cost should be the least of your worries. At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we aim to make all of our heat pump servicing work easy to understand, with competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee. We proudly service all brands. If your repair calls for heat pump replacement, we are delighted to discuss our financing options with you.

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