Service Technician Apprentice Program

Interested in starting a new career in the heating and cooling industry? Our Service Technician Apprentice Program could be a great fit for YOU or someone you know! Our PAID TRAINING program is laid out into 3 phases and can be completed within 12 months! NO EXPERIENCE is needed to join our program -- you'll earn while you learn from some of the best HVAC experts in the area.

hvac service technician training

Get hands-on experience and take control of your future with a rewarding career with Logan A/C & Heat Services.

Think you've got what it takes? Learn about the phases of our Service Technician Apprentice Program in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

Phase #1 - Service Apprentice Training

service apprentice trainingExpect to spend 6-10 weeks of hands on learning in both our state-of-the-art HVAC training center AND on field ride-alongs. We will ensure that you will be prepared to move onto Phase #2 of the program with this training, self-learning modules, knowledge exams (to determine where/how we can support you), and with a ride-along evaluation.

Upon entering the Service Apprentice Program, you will be compensated hourly at a good rate. We will pay YOU while you learn the skills needed to progress to an HVAC Service Technician. Our investment in you and your growth will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed in our program.

Phase #2 - HVAC Tune-Up Specialist

service apprentice trainingWhen you've completed Phase #1, you will receive a 7.5% pay raise as you begin Phase #2 of your training. In addition, you are also now eligible for additional performance-based incentives. In this portion of your training program, you can expect to continue your learning with the resources we provide, both online and in training sessions. It is during this phase of the apprenticeship where you will become an expert on system maintenance.

Depending on your technical progression, this phase will last around 3-5 months. Towards the end of your Phase #2 training, you will start to learn more about system diagnostics/repair, as well as equipment sales.

Phase #3 - On-Call HVAC Technician

service apprentice trainingIn Phase #3, you will be able to fully utilize the skills and knowledge you have learned thus far in your training at Logan Services. With that, an additional 10% raise is implemented, along with performance based incentives AND the opportunity to earn commission on equipment sales. During the 6-8 months that you spend in Phase #3 training, you can expect to learn more about diagnostics and large repairs.

Sales training will also be provided when system replacement is to the advantage of the customer. By the end of Phase #3, you'll be able to troubleshoot and solve 90% of diagnostic situations and perform any of the common, extensive repairs.

Graduation: Service Technician Apprentice Program

service apprentice trainingOnce all 3 phases have been completed, you will graduate from our program and receive a 5% hourly rate raise, as well as monthly incentives and commissions. 

A fully capable service technician at Logan Services can expect to earn $60,000 - $130,000 annually based on their revenue generation ability.

Future Growth Opportunities At Logan Services

So, what happens after you've completed the training program and you are an HVAC Service Technician at Logan Services? You'll be excited to learn that there are additional career paths you can continue on to grow your career at Logan Services! Read on and listen to our podcast to learn about all the growth opportunities we have available and the benefits of this program. 

If you have the drive and ambition, we offer development into the following roles:

  • Senior Technician Apprentice
  • Senior Technician
  • Senior Service Consultant
  • Market Team Lead & Sales Trainer
  • Senior Technician & Trainer
  • Market or Field Supervisor


Meet Our Service Leadership Team

Learn about our leaders who will be helping you grow in your career with Logan Services!

Chris C. -- Service Manager

chris c

How did you get started at Logan Services? Chris started with a couple smaller HVAC companies with install & service experience before joining Logan Services. Chris started as a Service Technician and progressed his way through various roles as a Senior Technician, Field Service Supervisor, and now Service Manager.

Years Experience: 20+


Bret F. -- Service-Sales Leader

bret f

How did you get started with Logan Services?  Bret first started by helping Logan Services part-time in the winter when he was laid off from construction work. Bret then joined our team full-time as a Duct Cleaner for 3 years. After that, Bret became a service technician, spent several years as the service manager, and is now the Service-Sales Leader and he oversees the customer service and sales training for our Service Team.

Years Experience: 17 Years


Bill W. -- Field Service Supervisor

bill w

How Did you get Started: Bill took Adult Education Classes in the evening roughly 10 years ago. He joined Logan Services with a few years HVAC experience as a service technician. Bill was later promoted to the field service supervisor where he now provides phone support and in-the-field support to our service team.

Years Experience: 10-12 years


Craig C. -- Service Trainer & Senior Technician

craig c

How Did you get Started: Craig started at Logan Services as an install assistant. He then joined the service team full-time as a duct cleaner for several years. He transitioned into a service technician role and was after promoted to Senior Technician. Craig now also spends a lot of days in our state-of-the-art training center hosting small groups or one-on-one trainings.

Years Experience: 10-12 years


Nathan D. -- Columbus Service Team Lead

nathan d

How Did you get Started: Nate worked at several small HVAC companies as a service technician before joining the Logan Services Team as a Duct Cleaner. Nate then transitioned into a service technician role and was recently promoted to our Columbus Service Team Lead, where he provides phone support and customer service training in the field.

Years Experience: 10-20 years


Check Out Our Training Center

Logan Services has built a large training center so you can learn the latest trends working on a variety of equipment.

hvac training center 

Get a closer look at our facility here >>


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