Air Duct Cleaning In Columbus, Dayton And Cincinnati, Ohio

Keep your family healthy when heating and cooling your home with clean air from Logan A/C and Heat Services. If it’s been a while since your ducts have been properly and professionally cleaned, or if you’ve just moved into a “new-to-you” home, it’s important to consider a whole-house air duct cleaning in Ohio. A duct cleaning can be beneficial in your Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton home. With less dust, dirt and debris in your home’s air, you’ll be giving your health and energy efficiency a boost with clean, fresh air. There’s even a good chance you’ll be dusting and cleaning less!

NOTE: Beware of companies offering duct cleaning for $99 or less. This is simply not true. Your ducts will either not be cleaned, or you will receive a large, unexpected bill when the company is finished. We’ve seen it all in more than 50 years of business. Don’t get scammed.

Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that their indoor air quality is often worse than the outside air. It’s true. The home is a little world of its own, where toxins get trapped inside and never leave. Since the biggest culprit is your ductwork, a thorough HVAC cleaning could make a huge difference. This process removes the dust and other contaminants hiding in your ducts, so they can no longer coat your surfaces and aggravate your allergies. Afterward, you may notice that your sinus congestion, headaches, and skin irritation have gone away. You might even have more energy.

How It Works 

Our company uses BETA technology (the newest cleaning treatment) throughout our entire vent cleaning process to ensure the best results. 

  1. First, our technician will seal all of your home’s vents to help trap all of the dust, grime, and allergens that pollute the ducts in your home.
  2. Once the dirty air is trapped, the technician will use a set of tools that work inside the ductwork. This process breaks down the dirt and debris that have accumulated onto the metal duct surface through time.
  3. After this is complete, our technician will use a specialized vacuum to remove the waste. Our special vacuum has three filters to catch any pollutants inside the ducts. One of these filters is a HEPA filter, built to capture the smallest of particles and ensure none of them get into the air.
  4. When the air vent cleaning is complete, the technician will clean up the workspace and equipment.


Save Money by Making Your HVAC System More Efficient 

You may not think of dirt as expensive, but in your ductwork, it certainly can be. The air that passes through your ductwork starts with the air filter to remove particles. If you stay on top of HVAC cleaning, your filter won’t fill as quickly. That keeps the pressure off your system trying to push through a clogged filter, lowering your energy usage. A clean filter also does a better job of keeping debris off the delicate equipment in your system, which translates into fewer repair calls for you, and a longer life span for the appliance.

Financing Available

Make your whole-home duct cleaning affordable with low monthly payments when you take advantage of our financing options. Available through GreenSky Financing, apply for financing for your furnace duct cleaning project and get easy, instant approval.

Have you been wondering, “Where can I find air duct cleaning near me?” Breathe easy and schedule your air duct cleaning in Columbus, Ohio today. We also offer professional HVAC cleaning in Cincinnati and Dayton areas. Click here or call 1-800-564-2611!