Air Duct Cleaning In Columbus, Dayton And Cincinnati, Ohio

Keep your family healthy when heating and cooling your home with clean air from Logan A/C and Heat Services. If it’s been a while since your ducts have been properly and professionally cleaned, or if you’ve just moved into a “new-to-you” home, it’s important to consider a whole-house air duct cleaning in Ohio.

duct cleaning company ohioA duct cleaning can be beneficial in your Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton home. With less dust, dirt, and debris in your home’s air, you’ll be giving your health and energy efficiency a boost with clean, fresh air. There’s even a good chance you’ll be dusting and cleaning less!

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Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that their indoor air quality is often worse than the outside air. It’s true. The home is a little world of its own, where toxins get trapped inside and never leave. Since the biggest culprit is your ductwork, a thorough HVAC cleaning could make a huge difference. This process removes the dust and other contaminants hiding in your ducts, so they can no longer coat your surfaces and aggravate your allergies.

NOTE: Our duct cleaning service does NOT include clearing out a dryer vent.

How Our Duct Cleaning Process Works 

While many companies offer duct cleanings, not all duct cleaning services are done in the same way. Curious to learn about the thoroughness of our process?

Watch our video and read more below about our duct cleaning appointment:

Our Duct Cleaner Will Assess The Job

cleaning hvac registersThe duct cleaning equipment we use (Rotobrush) allows us to utilize multiple sizes of brushes and hoses that insert into your ductwork. Based on the condition of the ductwork, type of ductwork (metal or flex-duct), and the size of the vent, our duct cleaner will use the best brush and hose for safe, yet effective, cleaning of each HVAC register and duct line.

Drop Cloths Will Be Laid Down For Our Equipment

The Rotobrush machine will be rolled to each room in your home. To protect your floors, our team will lay down drop cloths as they progress moving the equipment from room to room.

Our Team Will Start Cleaning With The Rotobrush

Our duct cleaning equipment uses a rotating brush that has a vacuum and hose attached. After the proper hose and brush size is selected, our technician will work this brush into your register. Some duct lines allow for many feet of cleaning; the hose will be fed as far as easily possible through that path. Moving that brush back and forth, our goal is to knock free as much dust, dirt, and debris as possible and collect that within the vacuum.

Registers & Vent Covers Will Be Swept With A Shop-Vac

cleaning hvac registersIn addition to the innermost part of the ductwork being swept with the Rotobrush, we also utilize a shop-vac for vacuuming anything accessible in the visible vent opening, as well as the register cover itself.

While a seemingly small task, we often collect a lot of additional debris and dust in the shop-vac by the time the job is complete. Ask us to see it at the end of the job...we'll show you!

Sanitization Spray Will Be Released Into The Ductwork

Once our technician has made it all the way through your home and the ductwork has been cleaned, they will then release a spray within your ductwork that will help to sanitize the interior surfaces of those lines. This spray is unscented, and should not result in any distinct smell.

Our Technician Will Clean Up & Finalize The Job With You

duct cleaning appointmentWhen your duct cleaning process is complete, expect our duct cleaner to clean up any equipment that has been utilized during your appointment. Once we have tidied up, our technician will provide you with any notable details about the job and what you should expect now that the cleaning has been completed.

Some post-duct cleaning expectations include:

  • Running your HVAC system in ‘Fan Mode On’ for several hours to help push any remnant dust that was broken free through your system to your furnace filter
  • Understanding that there could be a burning smell that you notice in the hours after the system has been turned back on. This is no reason for concern, as it is not uncommon to smell this (especially during the heating season) as any remaining and displaced dust is warmed up.
  • Checking your furnace filter 24-48 hours after your duct cleaning to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced with any additional debris that moved through your HVAC system as a result of your duct cleaning.


Save Money by Making Your HVAC System More Efficient

You may not think of dirt as expensive, but in your ductwork, it certainly can be. The air that passes through your ductwork starts with the air filter to remove particles. If you stay on top of HVAC duct cleaning, your filter won’t fill as quickly. That keeps the pressure off your system trying to push through a clogged filter, lowering your energy usage. A clean filter also does a better job of keeping debris off the delicate equipment in your system, which translates into fewer repair calls for you, and a longer life span for the appliance.

Financing Available

Make your whole-home duct cleaning affordable with low monthly payments when you take advantage of our financing options. Available through GreenSky Financing, apply for financing for your furnace duct cleaning project and get easy, instant approval.

NOTE: Beware of companies offering duct cleaning for $99 or less. This is simply not true. Your ducts will either not be cleaned, or you will receive a large, unexpected bill when the company is finished. We’ve seen it all in more than 50 years of business. Don’t get scammed.

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