Furnace Maintenance In Columbus, Cincinnati And Dayton, Ohio

The bitter winters in Ohio call for good heating you can trust to keep running all season. If you want a better guarantee that your furnace will stand up to the chill, the best place to start is at Logan A/C and Heat Services. Whether you need furnace maintenance in Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati or Dayton, our service packages can increase your heating output, maximize your energy efficiency, and help you minimize expensive repairs.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance Service

Like any other part of the home, the furnace has to be taken care of properly. The better care you can provide, the more effectively your system performs and the longer it will last. If you are unsure of the specifics of gas or electric furnace maintenance, trust Logan A/C and Heat Services to manage all the details.

furnace maintenance plan

When you schedule heating maintenance service with us, we will: 

  • Test the system for basic function
  • Verify electric and fuel connections
  • Inspect the burner and heat exchanger
  • Remove the furnace filter and make recommendations about replacement, if necessary
  • Ensure that the equipment has adequate airflow
  • Confirm that the blower is working appropriately
  • Clean and check condition of other components 

How to Know When Your Furnace Needs Maintenance 

For many homeowners, the challenge is recognizing the warning signs that tell you it’s time for gas or electric furnace maintenance in Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton. To help inform you for what to look for, here are some red flags you may notice. If any of the following describes your situation, book an appointment right away: 

  • The air quality has changed — If you find yourself coughing or sneezing when you turn on the furnace, there is something wrong. A poorly functioning furnace can cause bad air quality, leading to health concerns for you and your household.
  • Your furnace sounds strange — A furnace in need of repairs will often make warning noises such as grinding, squealing and clunking. If you hear these sounds when your furnace is operating, it could have a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Your electric bill has gone up — If your electric bills seem higher than normal, it could be a sign that the furnace isn’t working properly. An inefficient system will cost you more money to run, which is why it’s vital to get it checked out. Studies have shown proper maintenance can save you as much as 30% on your energy bill!
  • The furnace starts and stops frequently — Have you noticed your furnace turns off and on frequently while trying to heat your home? Does it experience a short-cycle, where it turns on/off so much that it stops running entirely? If so, make the call for help.

The Value of Regular Furnace Maintenance

The best way to keep your furnace functioning properly for the long haul is through regular maintenance and service. Even when your system is working properly, regular checkups from our furnace technicians can prevent serious problems from developing. Regular maintenance can help detect leaking gas or odorless carbon monoxide before it becomes a dangerous situation. It also may fulfill the requirements of your manufacturer’s warranty. Also, obviously, it can help keep you warm and cozy all season. If you wait until your furnace has broken down to schedule a repair, you’re likely to experience a stressful, uncomfortable situation without heat. Regular furnace maintenance in Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus is also important to keep you from overpaying for utilities due to an inefficient system. 

Ohio Homeowners Love Our Maintenance Agreements 

Now that you know why maintaining your furnace yearly is so crucial to your home comfort, you can make it an important part of your fall to-do list. With prompt and professional attention from Logan A/C and Heat Services, you will rest easy knowing that your heating is in good hands. You’ll also appreciate how hard we work to put your home’s heating system on the right path. Our expert team is committed to providing quality furnace maintenance in Dayton, Ohio, Columbus and Cincinnati that maximizes the efficiency and functionality of your system. We offer a comprehensive maintenance agreement that grants you priority service and scheduling, as well as discounts on related services. Because we are dedicated to earning your complete satisfaction, we treat all our customers like family and strive to provide fast, friendly service with every visit. We also partner with major manufacturers to offer top-quality products to fit your needs and budget. Sign up now to get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your furnace is in good hands.

How Much Does Furnace Maintenance Cost?

Many of our clients are concerned about saving money on their heating. If your budget tempts you to skimp on regular maintenance, we are happy to set the record straight. This is the most cost-effective way to attend to your furnace. You might be surprised to learn how affordable maintenance can be. It can even help you cut down on heating bills.

Where We Work

Through our commitment to excellent residential heating service for over 50 years, our team has expanded to accommodate many Ohio communities. If you’ve wondered, “Where can I find furnace maintenance near me?” look no further! 

We are proud to serve the following metropolitan areas:

Click on the city links to learn more about the local team and find your community on our extensive list of service areas. Have a question? Call any of our locations directly or submit an online inquiry using any of the contact forms on our website. Our team is happy to help!

Getting Started

Keeping your furnace in good shape does not need to be difficult with an expert like Logan A/C and Heat Services in your corner. Whether you need furnace maintenance service in Dayton, OH, Columbus or Cincinnati, we’re at your service. To schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance or to learn more about our financing optionscontact us today.