Installation Apprenticeship Program

hvac installation apprenticeship program

Are you having trouble finding your place in a career?

Have you reached a dead end? This is a problem! Whether you are fresh out of high school, searching for a place to fit in, or have spent years honing your skills in a specific job, you may have reached a stalemate.

The feeling of gridlock is real.  Enduring career roadblocks can be challenging! Navigating through options can be downright intimidating and may lead to stress and fatigue

Do the problems below describe your current situation?

red x Inability to utilize your talents
red x No opportunity for advancement
red x Lack of training/funding for school

red x Low earning potential
red x Negative company culture
red x Lost interest in current role

red x No guidance/lack of leadership
red x College is not for you

 Logan Services Offers Career Opportunities In HVAC!

The solution may be within sight.  If you have a humble attitude and the drive/willingness to learn, a career in trade skills may be a great opportunity to pursue.

HVAC offers the opportunity to engage in a multi-faceted industry that includes the latest technology, customer service, and hands-on skills with future opportunities for career advancement.

Logan Services offers guidance out of a day job and entrance into a meaningful career in the trades.

this waygreen check Opportunity to learn something new      
green check Positive, uplifting company culture        
green check Top income earning potential                
green check The ability to help homeowners            
green check Job security with no layoffs
green check Career development & continuous coaching
green check Autonomy & responsibility to make decisions
green check Completion of your career vision and goals

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Meet Our Team Leaders

Everybody has to start somewhere.  Our field service team leaders have earned their way up the ladder in the trades.  Some have always worked in HVAC while others have gained experience in different career paths.


Take a closer look at some of their stories. How will you be inspired to learn more in the trades?
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Our Three-Step Training Program

If you’re interested in pursuing an installation career at Logan Services you’ll be enrolled in a three-step training program. Read and listen more about the three-step program that you will experience as you enter the apprenticeship program. 


step 1 hvac trainingSpend 3 days riding along with several of our lead installers and their assistants.  We want you to get the full experience of what life is like as an installer and gain an overview of the job in different scenarios.

Upon completion of the week, the leadership team will share feedback with you regarding your participation.



step 2 hvac trainingGet on-the-job, real-life experience, and get paid to learn by accepting an opportunity as an installer assistant

To begin this role, you will work with a variety of lead installers who will help you learn various skills and techniques in the trade. Soon you will be paired with a lead installer to help mentor and guide you through the next phases of the training process.



step 3 hvac trainingThe Apprenticeship Program at Logan Services puts you on the fast track to becoming a lead installer. Our 9-18 month program gives you the ability to learn with no out-of-pocket costs. 

Our company invests on average $42,000/trainee to build knowledge and skillsets.  Receive focused evaluation and support through each phase of our program.  Upon completion, you'll be the best tradesman HVAC has to offer. 



Fundamentals of Our Apprenticeship Program

Our HVAC Apprenticeship Program is laid out in three phases that can be completed in as little as 9-12 months! Read more about the timeline below...

phase 1 fundamentals

Begin broad spectrum learning

Get familiar with thermostats

Learn outdoor unit basics

Start free weekend training sessions

Receive feedback from leadership



phase 2 fundamentals

Understand indoor unit installation process

Learn sheet metal fabrication, flue and drain plumbing, duct sealing, and insulation

Build confidence with electrical wiring and control board configuration

Begin brazing and gas line sizing

Introduction to indoor air quality product installation


phase 3 fundamentals

Enhance customer service and communication skills

Grasp iPad/digital paperwork processing

Comprehend ductwork sizing and airflow measurements

Form routine office communication with start-up and check-out procedures

Train as the lead installer in the field and gain NATE certification




Check Out Our Training Center

Logan Services has built a large training center so you can learn the latest trends working on a variety of equipment.

hvac training center 

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Field Training Matters

Our apprenticeship program also allows you to advance your skills in real-life situations.  Field training makes a huge impact, and we are proud to offer that at Logan Services.

hvac field trainingPractical training happens in the field. This is when the career no longer becomes a scenario or test; this is real-life! Here you will get to interact with teammates as well as customers. How you perform matters. Soon you will be assuming full responsibility for a job well done. This is where you begin that initiative.   

At Logan Services we don't work for ourselves, we work for our customers.  Each and every one of our employees is dedicated to giving homeowners an outstanding customer experience. 



Benefits of Becoming an Installer at Logan Services

There are several ways you’ll be compensated while working as an installer at Logan Services. 

hvac installer benefits

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What Does our Team Have To Say?

Our team is passionate about the work they do for customers every day, but how do they feel about the work environment Logan Services provides?

Get a first-hand look at life at Logan Services:


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