Welcome To Our HVAC Training Center

In January 2017, Logan Services opened the doors to a state-of-the-art training center for skilled HVAC laborers.  This unique environment provides up-and-coming installers the opportunity to learn the trade and keep up with the latest technology trends. Our hands-on teaching approach pairs online coursework with real-life scenarios so our team can feel confident working with multiple brands, sizes, efficiency levels, and energy sources. 

hvac training dayton

Nearly 4,400 training hours were completed by our field employees in 2020.

"As the demand for skilled labor continues to increase, education through our Installer Apprenticeship program, which began in 2020, offers an inspiring culture to help our employees settle into a career and thrive within the industry. With a strong workforce, our company will continue to provide quality career opportunities and improve the skills gap each year.-Kevin Purcell, President

A Higher Level Of Education

Have you ever thought about a career in HVAC?  The skills trades are in great need of workers, and this includes the home heating and cooling industry. 

Logan Services wants to help you build an outstanding career and a positive future.  That’s why its team has invested in the HVAC training center.  The Logan Services training center is located in Dayton, OH.  It is a place where tradesmen of all levels can enhance their skills. 

We are proud to provide our team members with a higher level of education that builds skills to exceed industry standards.

Request A Meet-and-Greet With Our Team

Want to learn more about our training program? Do you want to meet some of our team members to see if a career in HVAC is right for you? Schedule time to visit us today and request a tour of the Logan Services HVAC Training Center in Dayton, OH.

Testimonial From Our HVAC Team Member:

“Offering a place for young men and women to advance in their education, as well as their career, will lead to a stronger workforce capable of providing excellent customer service.  Our program is designed to prepare new recruits to install and maintain heating and air conditioning systems.  We also focus on how to treat customers with the respect they deserve.  Through these training programs, we continue to see customer satisfaction improve year after year.”

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