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How To Help The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

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With the summer weather in full force and utility bill prices rising, you may want to focus on your home’s HVAC system efficiency. Making sure your furnace and air conditioner is efficient means saving moneybalanced temperatures, and better comfort for your home. 

Watch our video below to see the best ways to keep your HVAC system running efficiently while keeping your home cool and comfortable. 

A Clean Furnace Filter Is Important

When focusing on efficiency with your HVAC system, a clean furnace filter is one of the most important items you can take care of. Keeping a dirty furnace filter in your heating and cooling system puts more stress on the HVAC system because it will have to run harder. When you switch out the dirty furnace filter with a clean one, you are helping the HVAC system run more efficiently with less stress. If you have a standard furnace filter, it is recommended to change the filter every month, and a PAP (Perfect Air Plus) filter is recommended to be changed every three months

Keep The Outdoor A/C Unit Clean

Keeping the entire HVAC system clean is essential, but when the A/C unit sits outside, it can go through more wear and tear as weather and seasons change. Follow these tips to make sure the outside unit stays clean: 

  • Make sure the landscaping around the outside unit is tidy and well-kept. 
  • When mowing the lawn, make sure to mow away from the ac, so lawn clippings don’t clog the outdoor coil.
  • Pick up sticks and other debris from around the unit after storms and between seasons. 
  • Take time to clean the outdoor coil when the weather warms up so that any debris and dirt won’t put stress on the cooling system

Set It and Forget It

When you keep messing with the temperature on the thermostat to keep up with what the weather is doing, your ac system will have to run harder to work up to the desired temperature. We recommend setting your thermostat at the temperature you find comfortable or programming it to turn up and down around your schedule but with minimal fluctuations in degrees. 

Have Regular Tune-Ups For Long-Term Efficiency

To continue to promote your HVAC system efficiency long-term, it would be beneficial to do annual preventative maintenanceLogan Services has experienced technicians who will check your air conditionerheat pump, and furnace to ensure it works at peak efficiency and prevent future issues. Logan Services even provides a seasonal maintenance plan for both heating and cooling seasons

Time To Upgrade Your AC System

You may be noticing less efficiency, more humidity, and higher utility bills if your current air conditioner is 10 years or older or if you have a builder’s grade system. If you notice these issues, it might be time to upgrade and replace your ac. A variable speed HVAC system would be perfect for your home to provide optimal efficiencyVariable speed air conditioners are built to run constantly at lower runtimes. As a result, you will feel the air more often, and the HVAC system will use less energy, promote balanced temperatures, and better dehumidification. 

If you are ready to upgrade your heating and cooling systemLogan Services is here to help with a fully loaded warehouse. We have inventory in STOCK in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati.

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