AC Maintenance In Cincinnati, Dayton And Columbus

When you walk into the house on a sweltering day, you want to be sure every room will be nice and cool. How can you achieve this? By choosing Logan A/C and Heat Services for A/C maintenance in Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton. Our company understands that Ohio homeowners need the right balance of temperature and humidity control to stay comfortable all season. When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, you can rest assured that you will get the best air conditioning maintenance in Ohio, including Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati and the surrounding suburbs! 

How Air Conditioner Maintenance Helps You Stay Cool

Calling on the expert technicians at Logan A/C and Heat Services for A/C system service in Columbus, OH, and in Dayton and Cincinnati is one of the best things you can do for your equipment.

For an affordable price, we can:

  • Inspect the condition of main system components
  • Test the cooling system for proper function
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the system for normal factory settings/standards
  • Identify ways you can save money on your energy consumption 

Of course, regular service is not just a way to find out if your A/C has potential problems. These annual checkups can extend the life of the whole system, make your home A/C run more effectively and cut down on your utility bills. This is why we recommend signing up for a maintenance plan, so you are always one step ahead of the heat.

A/C Maintenance Is a Wise Investment

Scheduling air conditioner maintenance in Dayton, Ohio, Columbus or Cincinnati at the beginning of the cooling season does more than save you time. If we discover a problem during our inspection, we can walk you through the necessary fixes. Early detection could allow us to solve the problem before it turns into a more expensive repair or replacement. If your air conditioner is getting up in years, we can help sort your replacement choices in a low-stress environment. We are also happy to share information about our financing options.

When to Get Your A/C Inspected or Tuned Up

When it comes to central A/C service in Dayton, OH — or in Cincinnati, Columbus or the surrounding communities — any time is better than no time. That said, you’ll generally benefit most from an inspection in the spring months, right before your A/C needs to be ready for the cooling season. So, as temperatures warm and the grass turns green again, it’s the perfect time to get your system tuned-up and maintained to ensure that it works properly during the hot summer months. We provide comprehensive A/C duct cleaning services as well as other types of work.

How Long a Typical Air Conditioner Lasts

While the life span of an A/C unit depends on many factors, the general range is 12 to 20 years. Some systems may need to be replaced sooner, such as after only 10 years of use, while others can last for 20+ years with proper maintenance. All units will do better when they’re properly maintained, so if you’re trying to extend the service of your A/C, regular checkups are key. Even when your system appears to be working properly, it could be inefficient — and run up higher utility bills — than it would if repaired or replaced. The best way to find out is with regular inspections.

Find a Logan A/C and Heat Services Location Near You 

At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we have built a long-standing relationship with our Ohio customers. Ever since we opened our first location in Dayton, we have been working to provide the kind of service you can rely on again and again. 

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Once the early spring and summer months are here, it is time to get your A/C ready for service. We are delighted to show you how a quick air conditioner maintenance call could improve your whole summer. Contact us today to schedule A/C maintenance services in Columbus, Ohio, Dayton or Cincinnati, and we will take care of the rest!