Tips For Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

Tips For Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

It's starting to feel like summer out in the Ohio region! Planters can rejoice with this upcoming warm weather because they can finally start getting their gardens and flowers ready to go. While this is exciting for those with a green thumb, it can be a guess as to how to landscape around the outdoor A/C unit in the back or side yard. 

While planning your garden, it might be hard to think about how you will need to incorporate an air conditioner into those plans. Below are some things to keep in mind as you spend the beginning of summer outside working on your landscaping and how to make it work for your air conditioner

Keep Your Plants & Decor At A Distance From The A/C

When planning where your plants will go, you will want to ensure you have clearance around the air conditioner of at least 18 inches. In the same fashion, if you want to place a fence or outdoor decor near the A/C unit, there still needs to be 18 inches of clearance. This clearance will make sure the airflow from the HVAC system isn't restricted. It also helps leave room for our team to get around the system if you need A/C repair or HVAC maintenance

Refrain From Invasive Plants Around Your Air Conditioner

Plants that tend to vine and grow at a fast rate, like ivy, are plants that you don't want around your outdoor air conditioning unit. Vine plants can grow into the little slits on the sides of the A/C and can cause damage on the inside. The vines can put holes into the evaporator coil, which means your A/C can't be repaired but would have to be replaced in the event of a breakdown

Avoid Attracting Rodents Near Your A/C Equipment

Some plants, like corn and sunflowers, can invite animals like mice into your yard, so you will want to avoid planting these and other food bearing plants near your air conditioner. Small rodents may attempt to seek shelter in your cooling unit if close to your air conditioner. This can be bad for the system as they chew on wires and can cause your A/C to break down

Be Mindful Of Landscape Materials Around Your Cooling System

Watch out for placing loose soil or sand around your air condtioning system. Rain can cause these landscaping materials to splash up and into your outdoor unit and make it dirty. You will need to take precautionary measures by cleaning your air conditioner every so often so that the dirt doesn't build up and create issues later on. 

While the weather warms up and you turn your air conditioner on, keep Logan Services in mind for your air conditioner maintnenance, repairs, or replacement. We serve the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati neighborhoods. Contact our team today to schedule your free in-home estimate and ask about out finanacing options and current promotional offers