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Local HVAC Expert Answers Your Air Conditioning Questions

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During the summer season, we get many questions from our customers about their air conditioners and what to look for when it’s time for replacement. Whether is it age, the number of repairssupply chain shortages, or how to find a good A/C, we have all your answers here. 

Read on and watch our video below to see our answers to your common air conditioner questions

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Unit Last?

HVAC systems in general, usually have a lifespan of about 12-15 years, while we see some cooling systems last longer or fail sooner. Many factors can impact system lifespan, including equipment brandsystem usage, and maintenance habits. So if your air conditioner is at the 12-15 year mark, it might be time to start thinking about replacement

When Should You Consider AC Replacement vs. AC Repair?

Have you heard about our 3-strike rule for keeping cool? Once you have had three or more repairs done to your air conditioning unit, it’s probably time for replacement. Many repairs are costly, and after many repairs, you start feeling it more in your wallet. Instead of spending money on countless repairsreplacement will save you money and time in the long run. 

How Is Logan Services Managing Supply Chain Shortages?

Logan Services hasn’t been impacted too badly from supply chain shortages. We have on-location warehouses in all of our markets – DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus that houses all the air conditioners we have at the time. We get new shipments daily and have great partnerships with our manufacturers to ensure we are fully prepared for your cooling needs

What Makes A ‘Good’ Air Conditioner?

When finding the perfect A/C unit for your home, it all comes down to efficiency and how comfortable your new air conditioner makes your home. A high-efficiency HVAC system will run longer while using less energy, keeping utility costs down, and keeping temperatures in your home even so you stay comfortable longer. Find the best air conditioner for your home; schedule a free estimate today!

How Long Will You Have To Wait For A/C Replacement?

If you decide that air conditioner replacement is what you need done this summer, Logan Services can offer a timely installation — maybe even the next day! You won’t have to worry about being stuck in a warm home for too long; we usually do DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati AC replacement in one day, leaving you a nice, cool home. 

For more information and to hear more of our experts answer your air conditioner questions, listen to our podcast below:

Call the Logan Services team today for your air conditioner replacement, we have inventory NOW IN STOCK in our warehouse. Our team is ready to serve the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati neighborhoods with all your HVAC needs

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