A/C Installation

Are you ready to feel the chill that comes through a new air conditioner from the experts at Logan A/C and Heat Services? We are happy to provide the equipment and installation that homeowners in Ohio have come to expect for their overall comfort. Cooling in summer is something we take seriously, as much as we care about giving you a good value. Professional installation from us is your ticket to years of sweet summer memories.

Why Homeowners Love Our Professional A/C Installation Services

When you have been in the business as long as us, you understand the importance of a good installation for new equipment. Hypothetically, a new A/C should provide the best output and efficiency you will ever get. In fact, this is only true if you hire a professional to install it correctly.

Improper installation can decrease the equipment’s efficiency and even cause it to break down more frequently. Getting it done right the first time saves you money and hassle, and it is what our expert technicians do best. That way, you receive perfect cooling and can count on your A/C to work well for many years.

How Much Does A/C Installation Cost?

In our effort to make replacing your air conditioner as simple as possible, we install all of the A/C equipment we sell. We want to help you get the best investment for your money, which is why we offer quality products such as Trane. We offer financing options that can remove the stress of paying for it all at once, so you can focus on the benefits that come from better cooling.

When calling Logan A/C and Heat Services, you might be blown away by the speed at which we can complete the task at hand. As soon as you select an air conditioner based on our recommendations, we can schedule installation at your convenience. In many cases, we will come back the next business day to get to work. Before you know it, the job is done.

Ohio A/C Service Near You

To achieve our goal of fast, friendly service, we have locations in three Ohio metropolitan areas:

We want to ensure that every customer receives prompt attention to his or her questions or concerns. Call the service center nearest you and visit the city pages to learn more. We are happy to commute to any of the neighborhoods you can see on our list, to perform an in-home consultation or make a service call.

Hiring Logan A/C and Heat Services for your air conditioning could be the best decision you make this year. Contact us for a free in-home estimate and find out how a new A/C could make your summer even better!