What You Risk Skipping HVAC System Maintenance

What You Risk Skipping HVAC System Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential part of taking care of your HVAC system; when you perform maintenance on your heating and cooling system, you are doing your part to help ensure that your home heating and cooling system will provide reliable operation.

While it is as much or more important than vehicle maintenance, many homeowners fail to prioritize an air conditioner tune-up in the same fashion as their oil change. Skipping HVAC maintenance can contribute to a number of risks and issues that can cost you more in the long run.

Read and listen to our podcast below on what you may be risking when you skip on your HVAC system maintenance.

Shorter HVAC Lifespan

Skipping out on maintenance may cause your system to have a shorter lifespan. Many systems will operate 12-15+ years when they are kept up with and tuned up seasonally. You will get many more years of efficiency and comfort out of the system when it's properly kept up with.

Lost Efficiency and Comfort

If you feel that your HVAC system isn't heating or cooling efficiently as it should, you just don't feel as comfortable as you should or notice your utility bills increasing, it may be due to lack of maintenance. System efficiency depends on the proper operation of the parts of the HVAC system, and when Logan Services performs maintenance, we will check that everything is operating correctly.

Frequent Heating and Cooling Breakdowns

When regular maintenance isn't performed on the heating and cooling system, there's a greater chance for issues to occur. Breakdowns happen when the elements of the HVAC system aren't functioning correctly. There are many reasons that your A/C could break down, but maintenance will help to keep your HVAC system from malfunctioning. A professional check can provide you the assurance that all main system components are in proper working condition for reliable operation through the season.

When you skip on seasonal HVAC maintenance, you are missing an opportunity to provide that preventative care for your heating and cooling system. Like getting an oil change for your car, you are getting a tune-up in order to optimize performance, and not because you are experiencing an issue. Neglecting this seasonal service could allow you to see issues pop up in the near future that will cost you more than a maintenance plan itself. For this reason, we always recommend regular maintenance on your HVAC system.

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Logan Services offers maintenance plans to give you peace-of-mind regarding the reliability of your system from season to season. To learn more about our maintenance plans, contact the fast, friendly team at Logan Services.

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