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How To Keep Your Home Comfortable, Healthy, and Safe With HVAC

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With cooler temperatures coming to the Ohio region and more time being spent inside the home, we want to make sure you are staying comfortable, healthy, and safe. Because a heating and cooling system is a huge part of maintaining those qualities indoors, we want to share some tips and tools that you can take advantage of in order to enhance your well-being this season.

Watch one of our experts, Zane, in the video below. He will discuss home comfort with staged HVAC equipmenthome health with furnace filters and UV lights, and also how to keep your home safe with carbon monoxide detectors and annual furnace checks

Home Comfort With High-Efficiency, Staged Equipment

High-efficiency, staged HVAC equipment is a heating and cooling system that runs at different intensities in the home depending on what demand is needed. This means that when temperatures are mild, the system will run at a lower energy setting. The system will not operate in the higher levels unless needed during cases of extreme weather, thus saving you energy usage during the times when operating at full capacity is not necessary. Staged equipment consistently runs and keeps a constant circulation of air, which helps ensure that the temperatures throughout the home are even for optimal comfort.

Staged heating and cooling helps with:

  • Better dehumidification
  • Better circulation of airflow
  • Even temperatures
  • More efficient
  • Lower system life
  • Lower utility bills

Home Heath With Furnace Filters and UV Lights

Standard HVAC furnace filters are what many of us are familiar with, and when changed on a regular, monthly basis will protect the furnace. The standard HVAC filter will assist in a cleaner HVAC system, lower energy costs and longer life span of your heating and cooling systemLogan Services offers an exclusive product called the Perfect Air Plus (PAP filter), which is an electronic way of cleaning your indoor air. The PAP filter catches really small particles like dust, pet dander, pollen, and other impurities that can cause allergies, sinus infections, and other seasonal annoyances.

UV lights are also another way to keep your indoor air clean and healthy inside of the home. UV lights are very forward-thinking in indoor air quality technologiesUV lights are used for killing indoor contaminants like bacteria, mold spores, and some viruses in the airstream.

Home Safety With Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Annual Furnace Checks

Many times, the cause of carbon monoxide in the home is from a broken, old, faulty furnace. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless substance that can be fatal to your family if inhaled for an extended period of time. Carbon monoxide detectors will help your home safe by letting you know if you have carbon monoxide in your home and check or change batteries annually to make sure they are still working.

Logan Services technician can also come and check your furnace on an annual basis to make sure there are no cracks in the heat exchanger within your furnace or any other issues that could produce a CO leak in your home.

Logan Services is here to make sure your home stays comfortable, healthy, and safe throughout all seasons. If you are interested in staged HVAC equipment, indoor air quality enhancements, or need a furnace check, give our team a call in DaytonColumbus and Cincinnati.

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