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A/C Refrigerant Leaks: Signs, Causes and Solutions

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The summer heat in Ohio can be relentless, which causes your air conditioner to work hard all season long to keep your home cool and comfortable. While each piece of the cooling system is essential, one crucial thing that keeps it running as it should is the ac refrigerant

Refrigerant is a liquid chemical that absorbs heat and converts it into cool air that moves through the compressor and evaporator of your air conditioner. There are two main types of ac refrigerantR-22 freon and 410-A puron. No matter which type you have, proper refrigerant levels in your air conditioner are necessary for effective cooling

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for an A/C to spring a refrigerant leak. We talked to one of our experts at Logan Services, who told us the signs, causes, and solutions to A/C refrigerant leaks.

What Causes An A/C Refrigerant Leak?

refrigerant leak can stem from a variety of things. For example, a leak can occur due to worn or dirty braze joints connecting the copper pipes to the air conditioning systemLow refrigerant could also be the result of coil or line set damage from dog urinestorm debris, etc. Additionally, letting your outdoor coil get too dirty can cause pressures to get higher than normal and cause a leak.

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What Are The Signs of An A/C Refrigerant Leak?

There are many signs that you will want to watch for in case of a refrigerant leak. One of these signs is inefficient cooling in your home; when your A/C isn’t cooling as it should and it’s not reaching the temperature set on your thermostat. Another sign is oil spots around the outdoor cooling unit. Even frozen lines or ice buildup on the air conditioner can often be attributed to a refrigerant leak

Can An AC Refrigerant Leak Be Fixed?

Based on the location of the leak and the severity of the damage, a service technician will determine how feasible a fix is for your system. If you notice any of the signs or suspect that your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak, we recommend calling the Logan Services team of HVAC experts. We can do a leak test to find where the leak is coming from and find the best solution for you. Fixing a refrigerant leak can be challenging, but our experts have the tools and the expertise to help fix your A/C and get you comfortable again.

Should You Replace Your AC If You Have A Refrigerant Leak?

If your air conditioner is over ten years old, you should consider replacing the system if the unit springs a leak. More importantly, we highly recommend ac replacement if your leaking air condtioner uses R-22 freon. This outdated refrigerant is no longer in production and continues to be phased out due to its negative environmental impact. For this reason, it is increasingly difficult to access R-22 and expensive to purchase when you need to refill or top off your air conditioner.

Does your ac have a refrigerant leak, or could you be experiencing one of these common air conditioner issues?

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