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4 Tips To Transition Into Heating Season

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The colder temperatures will be starting to set in soon as the seasons continue to change. If you haven’t already begun thinking about your heating needs for the fall, now is time to get started.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; rev up your furnace equipment today!

Your heating and cooling system can work at peak performance when properly installed and maintained.

Watch below, as Abbey, will explain step-by-step the things to complete in the upcoming weeks as we transition into the heating season.

Tip #1: Schedule A Tune-Up – Have a Logan Services professional out to help prevent furnace malfunction and find any issues they could occur in your furnace. If your unit is older and more worn it may be time for a new one. If a replacement system is your best option, our service technicians are able to provide you with a quote for a new system on the day of your tune-up!

Tip #2: Consider A Duct Cleaning – As the thermometer continues to drop, you will find yourself spending more and more time indoors. While a properly functioning furnace should be your top priority, you may also want to consider the cleanliness of the air that you are breathing in your home. If you can’t remember the last time you had a duct cleaning, this might be the year to rid your ducts of dust, debris, bacteria, pet hair/dander, smoke, and bacteria.

Tip #3: Replace Air Filters – Maintaining quality airflow in your systems is a must. Keep indoor air clean and your heating system performing at maximum efficiency by regularly changing or cleaning your furnace filter. A standard furnace filter is recommended to be changed every 30 days and a PAP (Perfect Air Plus) furnace filter is recommended to be changed every 90 days. Learn about clean air products »

Tip #4: Fix Uneven Temperatures – If you’ve suffered from hot and cold spots throughout your home, now might be the time to correct them. Consider a new, properly sized, high-efficiency Trane or Rheem system for a whole-home solution or a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system for a single room/space application. The perfect solution to common problem areas (including sunrooms, additions, and bedrooms), a ductless mini-split could be just what your home needs for year-round comfort. Learn more about ductless heating and cooling »

If you have any questions about where to begin with transitioning your heating system for the fall season, call Logan Services of DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati, OH today!

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