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Why Is My Furnace Running But Not Blowing Air?

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Colder temperatures are settling into the region this week! As people continue to use their furnaces throughout the heating season, one question that we often get is, “Why is my furnace running but not blowing air?”

The furnace can operate but not blow air for many reasons; some are easy to fix, but some require you to call for professional heating service.

Read on to learn more about what could cause a furnace to run without blowing air, how this might impact your heating equipment, and what you should do if you experience this situation.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Air

The most common reason your furnace is running but not blowing air is likely due to issues with the blower, blower motor, or blower module. The blower pushes air out of the registers and pulls air into the return registers. This causes the air in the house to circulate, and when the blower fails, no more air can spread throughout the home.

When the blower is not the reason, it could also be several other things, including a failed control board. Whether the damage is caused by age, a power surge, or a capacitor, a failed control board will require an expert technician to diagnose and repair/replace.

Another potential reason your furnace may be running but not blowing air is a dirty furnace filter. If the HVAC filter is clogged, it is causing a blockage in airflow. When the air cannot pass through the filter, you can expect airflow to diminish through your registers.

Can This Cause A Furnace Breakdown?

Depending on why the air isn’t coming through the vents, you may experience a furnace breakdown altogether if the reason causes the heat exchanger to get too hot. A limit switch sensor is located near the heat exchanger, and if it senses that the furnace is too hot, it will shut down. The control board’s job is to turn on the blower to help cool down the system. Therefore, if the control board or blower is not working, the overheated furnace will not turn back on. 

What To Do If Your Furnace is Running But Not Blowing Air?

The first thing we recommend that you do is to check your furnace filter. If the filter is clogged, replace or clean it immediately, then rerun the furnace. If this does not correct the airflow issue, make the call for help, as it’s likely an issue with an internal component, such as the blower or control board, that will require an experienced technician to diagnose and repair.

If you find that you are experiencing furnace or heating issues in your home, trust the team of experts at Logan Services. Whether you need replacement, repair, or maintenance, we can help you in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati.

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