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How Logan Services Recycles Old HVAC Equipment

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Here at Logan Services, we understand the importance of doing our part to keep our planet clean


We take the time to make sure we recycle your old HVAC equipment when we provide a new heating or cooling system replacement!

Read on below to learn about HOW we recycle and do our part to protect our ecosystem

STEP 1: Remove The A/C Refrigerant

Your old air conditioner has refrigerant in it that can cause harm to the environment if not disposed of properly. Our team will remove the refrigerant from the old HVAC system and store it in a recovery tank. This ensures that CFCs (cholorofluorocarbons) & CFHCs (hydrochloroflucarbons) aren’t released. These ozone-depleting compounds can negatively impact the Earth’s protective ozone layer and should be removed with caution before recycling cooling equipment

STEP 2: Haul Away Old Heating/Cooling Equipment

We often get asked, “will you haul away the old ac and furnace?” — that answer is YES, and at no cost to you. When our installation team replaces an HVAC system for a home, we bring the old furnace and AC unit that we have removed back to our office. By doing so, we eliminate the burden for our customers of disposing of the old system.

STEP 3: Take HVAC Equipment To Metal Recycling Facility

In our DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati communities, metal scrappers pick up the old HVAC units to safely disassemble. Once properly dismantled, they take the material to a local metal recycling facility. Most metal can be recycled, and repurposing the material is better for the environment than allowing it to sit in a landfill. 

Don’t forget to do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. If you are thinking about or ready to replace your heating and cooling system, give our friendly team a call

We are proud to service and install furnaces and air conditioners in the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati communities. 

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