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How Logan Services Uses Digital Tools On HVAC Equipment

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Technology is ever-changing and evolves at a rapid pace in our world. Our team strives to remain at the forefront of these advantages, especially when we are out in the field working on advanced HVAC systems. Our expert technicians and installers are forward-thinking with how we work on the job and how we can efficiently get you comfortable quicker

Our team utilizes tools that can connect to a phone or iPad through Bluetooth on an app. These tools make it easier for our team to ensure they get more reliable readings from your heating and cooling system. Accuracy in our HVAC assessments allows us to bring you the best service and comfort possible. 

In the video below, you will learn about some of the digital tools we use and how these help our team with your heating/cooling equipment

Pressure Probes

Pressure Probes check refrigerant pressures. The clamps attach to the copper lines that the refrigerant runs through. With Bluetooth connectivity, we can check outdoor and indoor temperatures

Line Temperature Probes

Line Temperature Probes check the refrigerant charge, making sure that it’s where it needs to be in your heating and cooling system

Manometer Probes

Manometer Probes test static pressure to check how well a system ‘breathes.’ The Manometer Probe reads pressure in the HVAC system and tells if there are any restrictions we need to be aware of. The restriction may need to be cleaned out of the heating and cooling system, and it could lead us to a potential issue that we need to fix. 

Flex Cisco Matrix Probes

The Flex Cisco Matrix Probes tests temperature and wet bulb temperature. The A/C doesn’t just cool your home but also removes humidity, so using this Matrix Probe means we can check the relative humidity in the home. 

When you see these tools or see our team working on their phone or iPad, you know that we are ensuring that your A/C & furnace is in tip-top shape. If you need cooling replacementrepair, or maintenance, our team is happy to help you. You can text or call our friendly team in the DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati areas. 

If you are looking for a career in HVAC we can train and teach you how to use these tools at Logan ServicesJumpstart your career with our Installer Apprenticeship Program or our Service Technician Apprenticeship Program

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