Digital Tools We Use On An HVAC Tune-Up

Digital Tools We Use On An HVAC Tune-Up

Everywhere we look a different type of technology is being used or evolving into something new. For example, we use our smartphones daily, and the Bluetooth in our cars helps us talk to people or listen to music. You might be surprised to find that the Logan Services HVAC service technicians also use this type of technology on the job. 

The Logan Services technicians have different digital tools to help them on their jobs in your home. The digital tools help our service technicians ensure that everything is working perfectly for your home comfort, along with gathering measurements and calculations. Read and watch the video below to see some of the tools our service technicians use when they come to your home. 

Bluetooth Probes For Temperature Data

Our service technicians use Bluetooth probes that send operating data to the tech's smartphone through an app. This tool gives the calculations on how well the heating and cooling system is working. It helps us see what temperature the HVAC system is running at, the ideal range to look for is 20 degrees.

iPad's For Static Pressure

Static pressure is measured on an iPad. The measurements tell our service technician how hard the blower is working in the HVAC system. The iPad calculations also give an idea of any restrictions in the heating or cooling elements and help determine where they might be located.

Why We Take HVAC System Readings

Our service technicians come out to your home to perform routine maintenance and repairs when necessary. The readings that they find help them determine that your HVAC systems working properly. If it's not working correctly, then the readings can help us determine what and where the issue is. Readings are also recorded for us to follow up with the customers and for performance tracking.

If you need routine maintenance or need your heating and cooling system looked at for possible repairs call the friendly team at Logan Services. Our team is able to help you in any of our 3 locations in Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati

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