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Identifying the Clog Location

The first step in clearing a clogged drain is determining where the blockage is located. If only one sink, shower, or tub is affected, the clog is likely in the trap or branch drain line. However, if multiple fixtures are draining slowly or not at all, the main sewer line may be obstructed. Once you’ve identified the location of the drain clog, you can choose the most appropriate cleaning method.

Should I Use Drain Cleaners?

While chemical drain cleaners can be a tempting solution for tough drain clogs, use them cautiously. Some chemical cleaners can damage pipes, especially if used frequently or improperly. They can also pose health risks if inhaled or come into contact with skin. Before testing chemical drain cleaners, try natural or mechanical cleaning methods. If you do use a chemical cleaner, follow the product instructions carefully and wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles.

Common Drain Problems and Solutions

Dealing with clogged drains can be a hassle, but we’re here to provide quick and dependable plumbing services. Here’s where we commonly perform drain cleaning services:

  • Kitchens: Sinks and dishwashers
  • Bathrooms: Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and other bathroom drains
  • Laundry Rooms: Washer drains, floor drains, and wash basins
  • Outdoor Areas: Yard and exterior drains

How to Prevent a Clogged Sink

To keep your kitchen or bathroom sink flowing freely, follow these tips:

  • Avoid pouring grease, oil, or fatty substances down the drain, as they can solidify and cause blockages. Instead, dispose of them in the trash.
  • Install a strainer or screen over the drain opening to catch food particles, hair, and other debris.
  • Run hot water down the drain for a few minutes after each use to flush away residue and keep pipes clear.
  • Regularly clean the sink stopper and remove accumulated debris.
  • Once a month, pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain, let it sit for 30 minutes, then flush with hot water to remove buildup.

How to Prevent a Clogged Shower Drain

Hair, soap scum, and mineral buildup can quickly lead to a clogged shower drain. Here’s how to prevent it:

  • Use a strainer or hair catcher over the drain to trap hair and other particles.
  • Brush your hair before showering to minimize loose strands going down the drain.
  • Avoid using oily or greasy bath products that can leave residue in pipes.
  • Regularly remove the drain cover and clear out any visible debris.
  • Once a week, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to break down soap scum and keep pipes fresh.

Long-term Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Drains Clog-Free

In addition to regular cleaning and prevention measures, consider these long-term maintenance tips to keep your drains in top condition:

  1. Schedule annual professional drain cleaning and inspections to remove buildup and catch potential issues early.
  2. Avoid flushing non-biodegradable items like wipes, cotton balls, or paper towels, even if they’re labeled “flushable.”
  3. Fix leaky faucets and running toilets promptly to prevent excess water from straining your plumbing system.
  4. If you have a garbage disposal, run it regularly and avoid overloading it with too much food waste at once.
  5. Consider installing a water softener if you have hard water, which can cause mineral buildup in pipes over time.
  6. Know the location of your main water shut-off valve in case of a major leak or plumbing emergency.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

Call a professional plumber for severe or recurring drain clogs that don’t respond to DIY methods. Licensed plumbers have specialized tools and expertise to diagnose and clear stubborn blockages quickly and safely. Hydro jetting, a technique that uses high-pressure water to scour drain lines, is highly effective for removing tough drain clogs and buildup. A professional drain cleaner can also help prevent future backups and extend the life of your plumbing system.

The Logan Difference

At Logan Services, we’re more than your average HVAC company. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of treating our customers like family. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that every installation is done right the first time, with the highest level of quality and care.

Our installers undergo rigorous training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional service. We believe that a quality installation starts with proper preparation, so we ensure our installers have all the parts they need before they even step foot on your property.

When you choose Logan Services, you’re choosing a partner who will be there for you every step of the way, from installation to maintenance and beyond. Schedule a service today to experience the Logan Difference for yourself.

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