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Truth Or Scare: How To Take Care Of Your HVAC System During The Cold Months

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There are many things to know and keep track of with your heating and cooling system during the colder months. Sometimes, not knowing how to best care for your home’s furnace and comfort can lead to service costs and serious issues like an HVAC breakdown.

To eliminate those scary issues this Halloween, read and watch the video below to ensure you are taking care of your furnace and keeping warm as cooler temperatures roll on. Derec, a Comfort Consultant at Logan Services, will let you know what is truth and what is a scare.

Is It Okay To Go Over A Year Or Two Without Having Your Furnace Maintained?

SCARE: Annual maintenance is simply recommended for the HVAC systemseasonal maintenance keeps the heating and cooling system clean and running efficiently. Maintenance also helps to check for carbon monoxide in the home, which can be a serious and deathly situation. Logan Services makes sure your HVAC system will run properly for years to come while also keeping your family safe and healthy. Maintenance also validates your warranty on the furnace and A/C. To sign up for a maintenance plan with Logan Services, call our friendly team for more information.

Do I Need To Cover My Air Conditioner In The Winter Time?

SCARE: You do not need to cover the outdoor A/C unit; it could actually do MORE HARM than good in some cases. Many air conditioner units are built to endure snow and ice’s harshness during the winter months. If you cover the air conditioner, it could trap moisture causing unnecessary rust or even lead to freezing condenser coils. Covering your A/C can also encourage animals to seek shelter under the cover, potentially causing them to get stuck inside and cause a breakdown.

If I Add Humidity To The Air, Will My Home Feel Warmer? 

TRUTH: Adding humidity traps heat inside your home. The addition of a whole-home humidifier will provide the right amount of moisture for total comfort, making cold winter air feel warmer at lower temperatures. Not only will it help with moisture in the home, but it also helps to keep irritating airborne particles from circulating as easily. A whole-home humidifier helps lessen sinus problems, asthma and allergy symptoms, dry skin, and nose bleeds.

Can A Programmable Thermostat Save On Utility Usage?

TRUTH: Programmable thermostats help save on gas-burning appliances; the team at Logan Services recommends setting the thermostat around your schedule for those savings. For heat pump systems, you can use the “set it and forget it” concept. Having a programmable thermostat also makes it easy for you to set your HVAC system to your lifestyle. Energy is saved on utilities when your thermostat is programmed to run at a lower temperature while you are away from home.

Can I Check In On My Home Temperature While I’m Away?

TRUTH: Smart thermostats can be controlled via an app on your phone; having a programmable thermostat can have many benefits for your home. Wifi and smart thermostats work with the HVAC system to ensure the temperature you set correlates with what your furnace or A/C is pushing out. Logan Services offers the Nexia Home Automation System, which helps you set your thermostat from anywhere with the phone app. With the Nexia, you can also set up alerts for unexpected changes to the system, and you can even set it up where Logan Services can access the thermostat settings remotely if you need out experts’ help.

Avoid the horror of home heating problems or issues this season. Ensuring your home stays comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient. Logan Services can help with maintenance plans, whole-home humidifiers, and Nexia thermostats in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati.

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