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Home Safety And Comfort Tips To Consider BEFORE You Travel This Season

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The holidays are fast approaching, which could mean traveling and being away for small family gatherings. When leaving your home, you might be wondering what to do with your heating system and how to set your thermostat. You will want to make sure that your home stays comfortable when you get back and that no severe issues happen in the home while you are gone.

The weather in Ohio can be unpredictable; in most winters, the average temperature barely reaches 40 degrees. Don’t leave your home heating system to work harder than it needs to. Keep your home safe by setting a steady temperature and ensuring your furnace will work efficiently for your home.

Follow these tips on how to keep your home safe and comfortable when traveling for the holidays.

Keep Your Furnace Operating

Being away from your home, you may consider turning your furnace off completely; why heat a house that will sit empty? We strongly urge against this. Turning your furnace off can create serious issues for your home. Temperatures can drop suddenly to freezing or below freezing, and if your furnace is off while you’re away, you could be coming home to a mess with frozen pipes and water damage. Keeping your furnace on in the unpredictable Ohio weather is vital to keeping your home safe.

Refrain From Turning Your Thermostat Down Drastically

While we agree that you should be keeping your heating system on while you are away, it is okay to decrease the temperature for some peace of mind. Experts don’t recommend dropping the thermostat down much more than 5 degrees or so. In many cases, turning your furnace down won’t save enough money to make a difference in your wallet. You may save more in the long run by heating your home as usual, as drastically dropping your thermostat will only cause your furnace to work harder to recoup that temperature difference when you return.

Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

A wifi, programmable thermostat, like a Nexia Home Automation System, can benefit your home and give you peace of mind when you leave your home. With a Nexia thermostat, you can check your thermostat whenever you would like by using their mobile application. Programming and adjusting your heating schedule for when you are away from your home is easy; change the thermostat setting no matter where you are traveling this holiday season. If you also allow Logan Services permission into your Nexia thermostat, we can alert you of any problems or issues that your HVAC system might be having.

Use these tips to help gain peace of mind when traveling, knowing that your heating system will keep your home safe while away and provide comfort upon your arrival home.

If you feel that your furnace isn’t working efficiently or you want your furnace checked before the cold weather hits, talk to the friendly team at Logan Services to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati.

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