Trane Home Automation Thermostat

Have you ever climbed into bed and realized that you left the lights on? Wish you could check on your home while you’re on vacation? All these conveniences are possible with a Trane Home (formerly known as Nexia) automation system, rooted from your new HVAC system thermostat from Logan A/C and Heat Services.

nexia home thermostatBeing able to control multiple home systems, such as your thermostat, from your smartphone or computer is something you will wonder how you ever lived without. With professional installation from our experienced technicians, you can improve your home comfort and eliminate the hassle.

Benefits of a Trane Home System

There are so many reasons to upgrade your heating and cooling system, but the new technology a Trane thermostat offers is sure to be one impactful way to make your life a lot more comfortable and convenient. With the Trane Home Intelligence communicating control, you can regulate your home — even while you are away.

Although smart home system management is a huge plus for the product, remote access to all these systems also makes a big difference. Your new Trane Home thermostat will allow you to do a number of things, including:

  • Programming your home heating/cooling schedule
  • Changing your thermostat settings no matter where you are
  • Setting up alerts for unexpected changes to the system, such as a temperature drop or a door opening

Once installed in your home, you are also able to add additional features to your account, which include:

  • Creating a schedule to turn lights on and off
  • Unlocking the doors for friends and guests remotely
  • Fixing forgotten items, like an appliance/electronic you intended to turn off

You can take care of your home, visitors, and all the details of managing your home, at any moment, from any place. With all of its remote control capabilities, it is just like being there! 

Why You Need Trane Home Automation

Once you realize how much you can benefit from a Trane thermostat paired with a new high-efficiency HVAC system, you know it is time to bring in an expert comfort consultant. While our team at Logan A/C & Heat Services specializes in setting up your thermostat around your heating and cooling needs, the additional home automation tools built into your new Trane thermostat will benefit you greatly!

nexia home thermostatHiring an installer from Logan A/C and Heat Services to put in your new heating and cooling comfort system with Trane smart home capabilities makes it that much easier to enjoy the benefits. We will take care of the installation and help you set up the app for your convenience.

We offer a wide variety of services for Ohio homeowners. You can check out our three convenient locations for more information:

We have an impressive list of communities we can readily serve. All of our offices have an experienced customer service staff and technicians ready to help you decide if home automation is right for you.

If your heating and cooling system is in need of an upgrade, you may not know the comfort and enjoyment you are missing with new technologies available today. Logan A/C and Heat Services can solve that for you. To ask questions about heating/cooling replacement with Trane Home automation or to schedule an estimate, contact us today.