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When you think about possible issues/breakdowns with your HVAC system and how they have occurred, rodents might not be on that list. Watch our Senior Service Technician, Craig, as he takes on the task of cleaning a mouse nest out of an air conditioner and see the havoc that rodents can cause in your ac unit.

When finishing the basement, you will want to provide a space called a furnace room where the furnace can adequately heat your home. Pay attention to furnace room requirements, dimensions, and access, surrounding walls, and the ceiling above the furnace.

The inner workings of your furnace are intricate, and each piece works together to make sure that the furnace is working and one of those pieces are the flame sensor. Craig, our Senior Service Technician, will show you how to maintain the furnace flame sensor and how it helps the furnace heat your home.

It's essential to have your furnace maintained each year to ensure that it works correctly and does not break down. Watch Craig, our senior service technician, will show you how we maintain the furnace burner and how it helps your furnace work.

Furnace filters are an extremely important part of your heating and cooling system. Standard 1" filters, when changed on a regular basis, will keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Watch our video to learn step-by-step how to change your standard furnace filter.

Cleaning your furnace drain is essential so you don't find yourself in an emergency situation. When you clean your furnace drain, it will keep buildup flushed out and prevent blockages. Follow our two easy steps and watch the video below as Craig, a service technician shows you how to clean your furnace drain.

The digital tools help our service technicians ensure that everything is working perfectly for your home comfort, along with gathering measurements and calculations. Read and watch the video below to see some of the tools our service technicians use when they come to your home.

Having a professional do a tune-up and maintain your HVAC system is essential so that they can check and inspect every aspect. Read and watch Craig, one of our professional technicians, cover the three reasons to get a professional tune-up for your furnace and air conditioner.

To reap the benefits, you need to ensure that your whole-house humidifier keeps working efficiently. Changing your humidifier pad is essential in making sure that you have comfortable air every winter season in your home. Watch Craig, one of our HVAC experts at Logan Services, walk through changing the humidifier pad.

While there is a process to changing out any type of filter, PAP filters have an 8-step process to carefully follow to make sure your PAP filter is changed correctly. So if you aren't sure how or you just need a reminder here is the step-by-step guide on how to change your electronic air cleaner. Craig, one of our technician experts, will show you in the video how to change out the filter in your Perfect Air Plus.

It may be difficult to know what product or service would be best for your home and what will alleviate the air quality issues you might be experiencing. Below we give you our expert recommendations to help you find the best option that works for your home, watch as one of our comfort experts explains these options for cleaner air.

In honor of the Memorial Tournament, one of the most celebrated annual events in Columbus, one of our experts, Jeff M. has some tips for you to make sure that your air conditioning is ready to go once the summer heat hits in full swing this season. Watch and read on to learn if your A/C is up to par.

One question we get frequently from homeowners is, "do you recommend covering an air conditioning unit during the fall/winter season?" Logan Services expert, Craig recommends that you don't cover the air conditioner because of multiple problems (one being condensation issues) that could lead to rust. Watch the video to learn more on this topic.

Now that outdoor temperatures are getting warmer, has the outlook on indoor temperatures changed at home? If you find yourself or your family trying to turn the thermostat up or down, MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. Watch our Comfort Consultant, Zane, tell you how to win the STAT WARS at home and explain how to keep your home cool without cranking down the thermostat.

This year, Logan A/C & Heat Services was excited to team up with WCPO 9 in Cincinnati and their Project Home Sweepstakes by sponsoring a new Trane furnace giveaway for a lucky local viewer. Read on and watch the video above to learn about our winner, Valorie B., and her story about winning a full HVAC system for her home!

Logan Services teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton and multiple other organizations to rebuild several homes in the area. Recently, our team installed a brand new heating and cooling system for the Creager family. Watch the video and read on to learn more about how we helped this family.

Logan Services is an animal-loving company. As you can imagine, we see many different pets in the multiple homes we visit throughout the year. We believe that animals should be as comfortable as the humans that care for them, and this time, we took it a step further! Watch our video to learn how we helped bring comfort to a local dog rescue in Cincinnati!

After receiving hundreds of entries from the Flyer Faithful, we held our drawing earlier this month to select a winner to receive a FREE Trane furnace - complete with installation for their Dayton home! Congratulations to our BIG winners. Meet them and learn their story here!