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Mom Of Triplets Receives Another Big Surprise With A New Air Conditioner

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It’s been a summer to remember here at Logan A/C & Heat Services! We’ve had a great time meeting some very amazing people in the Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati communities through our air conditioner giveaways this season. After choosing two winners for our 9th Annual A/C Giveaway, DeCarra from Trotwood and Courtney from Dayton, we decided to keep the giving going and select three more winners to celebrate our 50 years in business this year!

Our first two 50th Anniversary Celebration winners included Brenda from Milford and Kayleigh from Huber Heights. Both were gifted brand new Trane air conditioners for their homes to replace their old, broken, and unreliable cooling systems.

Now it’s time to announce our third and final winner of our 50th Anniversary Celebration and recipient of a new Trane air conditioner….

Congratulations to Megan Rivers and her beautiful family from Columbus!

Megan and her husband have had multiple ‘projects’ since moving into their first home a couple of years ago. Megan was kind enough to share her story with our team, telling us, “Long story short, we bought our first house Christmas 2017. Fast forward four months, we found out we were pregnant. Fast forward a few months later, we found out twins…. A few more months, TRIPLETS!! While we are insanely blessed by them, going from 2 incomes to 1 and adding three babies has left us putting a new ac on the back burner. While we have gotten it fixed a few times, it seems like it’s on its way out. We just want safe, cool air for the babies!

After learning about the opportunity our team had to help this family, who had a 20+ year old, failing cooling system, we knew that it was time to take action and help bring comfort to this home. We called Megan to bring her the good news, and she couldn’t have been more excited! Gone were the days of putting a ‘band aid’ on that old, unreliable system; Logan Services would be replacing it with a new, Trane air conditioner.

When preparing for her installation, we discovered that the existing furnace in Megan’s home would not be adequate to properly operate that new air conditioner, and would likely not even see Megan and her family through the coming winter. To ensure that we took the appropriate measures to bring this family ultimate comfort, Logan Services and our great partners at Trane quickly came to the table to provide this Columbus family with a new Trane FURNACE as well.

Megan’s new Trane air conditioner AND furnace were installed shortly after, and now the family finally has peace of mind knowing that their home will be a safe, comfortable place for their daughters to grow.

Congratulations again Megan! Thank you for opening up and sharing your story with us here at Logan A/C & Heat Services. We appreciate the opportunity that you’ve given us to help, and we hope that your family stays very comfortable for many years to come!

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