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Local Firefighter Wins 10th Annual HVAC Giveaway

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To celebrate our 10th year of HVAC giveaways, Logan Services will be honoring local heroes and thanking our first responders with free heating or cooling systems for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for others.

We are so excited to share our first winner of the HVAC Local Heroes Giveaway!

Congratulations to Wilbur Rippey Jr. from Columbus!

Wilbur’s fiance Lisa took the time to share this about her first-responder: “My fiance and I have been through a lot together. I lost my mom in 2011, he lost his sister to cancer in 2013 and 9 months later his mom passed away. Then in 2017 we lost his brother, a retired marine with 4 purple hearts and our golden retriever a day apart. As a retired firefighter/paramedic for the city of Columbus, Wilbur has many city, state and national awards proving his bravery! He still does the same, always goes above and beyond to help those in need before taking care of himself! At times he tends to take on too much. Even retired he’s still my first responder and I wouldn’t want him to ever worry about our home heating and cooling system! Thanks for your consideration.”

We thank Lisa for introducing our team to this local hero!

We learned that Wilbur was a firefighter and a paramedic for the city of Columbus for 28 years. Through his many years of heroic service, he has won many honorable awards for the work he has done on a daily basis to help so many. Working not out of selfish ambition, but always putting the lives of others before himself.

Characteristics like bravery, strength, and a desire to risk their own lives are what compelled Logan Services to recognize first responders like Wilbur.

We were so excited to call and give the good news to Lisa, letting her know that Wilbur had won our giveaway and would be the recipient of a brand new furnace. When we came out to the home to prepare for the job, we also learned that their air conditioner was in poor shape and would not likely pair well with the new furnace. After speaking with our great partners with Trane, we were able to complete the couple’s home comfort with a new A/C system as well, donated by Trane and the team at Logan Services.

Logan A/C & Heat Services is so happy to provide comfort and reliability to their home and to be able to honor a hometown hero while doing it.

Congratulations again to Wilbur and Lisa!

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