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How VOCs Impact Home Health

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By definition, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature; they are a large group of carbon-based toxins that are invisible but have no odor. VOCs are found in several household products and furnishings that we use on a daily basis, including synthetic carpeting, paints, and pharmaceuticals.

High VOC levels indoors could contribute to sick building syndrome (SBS), which refers to a person or people getting sick from a direct correlation of spending time inside a specific building. Sick home syndrome consists of three different factors and those are chemicals, poor ventilation and biological growth like mold and allergens. VOCs have negative effects on our health, causing skin allergies, including eczema, respiratory problems, or even more severe illnesses. Watch Craig, one of our HVAC exeperts explain more about sick home syndrome and how to avoid in your home. 

When exposed to indoor air contaminants in a home with a lack of ventilation and poor air circulation, ‘sick building syndrome’ can happen; VOCs being released in the air can contribute to this.

Some of the most common VOCs you can find in your home include:

  • Acetone: Found in conditioners, flea/tick treatment, textile finishes, pre-soaks, and nail polish remover.
    • Can cause: Dizziness, respiratory tract irritation, eye irritation
  • Toluene: Found in moisturizes, bath mats, coloring pens, paint thinner, and furniture.
    • Can cause: Dry cracked skin, nausea, and nervous system damage.
  • Benzene: Found in emissions, paint, medicine bottles, printer ink, and detergents.
    • Can cause: Headaches, rapid/irregular heartbeat, and unconsciousness.

With cooler temperatures, we will be spending more time inside, which means more exposure to likely contaminated indoor air. While traditional cleaning methods are not able to clean or eliminate VOCs in the home, consider the following clean air products to improve indoor air quality and reduce the impact of VOCs in your home:

Standard Furnace Filter Replacement

Your furnace filter is a crucial part of your HVAC system; you want to ensure that you change your standard furnace filter on a monthly basis. While a standard filter may not effectively eliminate VOCs, changing your furnace filter will keep your heating and cooling system in good working condition and support clean air circulating through the home. A properly functioning HVAC system is vital for proper airflow to allow more enhanced air cleaning products to work.

Electronic Furnace Filters (PAP)

The Perfect Air Plus (PAP) filter is an air purification device that Logan Services provides exclusively. The PAP filter cleans dust, pet dander, pollen our of the air and is 97% effective at cleaning the air. The small particles of contaminants and pollution in the air will be caught in the PAP filter, eliminating harmful components from the air.

Whole-Home UV Light Purifiers

Ultraviolet lights installed with your HVAC system will help to keep the air circulating through your home clean. UV Light Purifiers help to kill and destroy the invisible enemies in the house like bacteria, mold spores, cleaning supply chemicals, and VOCs. Research indicates that UV light energy can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within the home’s air duct system.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Getting a duct cleaning can help immensely in refreshing the air in your home; a duct cleaning will remove particles that have settled in your HVAC vents and eliminate those contaminants from recirculating in your air. Airborne particles, like dust, dirt, and pet dander, will be cleaned out, and you can be sure that ventilation and air circulation will be improved in the home.

Clean air products are crucial to ensuring that you and your family breathe clean air and stay healthy while in your home this season. Call the Logan Services team in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati to get your free in-home estimate on HVAC products to keep your family safe, comfortable, and healthy.

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