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VIDEO: Benefits Of Staged Heating & Cooling Equipment In Your Home

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Would your home benefit from staged heating and cooling system equipment?

Logan Services was recently featured on WBNS-10TV in Columbus to discuss staged HVAC equipment and the benefits a variable speed heating and cooling system can have for your home.

Jeff, one of our comfort consultants, was able to educate viewers on how staged equipment can make people more comfortable in their homes.

Watch the video and read on to learn more about how these HVAC systems can impact your home comfort, as well as your energy savings.

What Is Variable Speed Heating and Cooling?

In simple terms, variable speed HVAC technology allows your system to operate at different speeds depending on how much heating/cooling you need. It runs for longer intervals (adjusting speed as needed) to allow for better air flow and comfort, as well as saving money on energy usage. Homeowners throughout the Ohio region are taking advantage of the efficiency and comfort benefits that a new staged heating and cooling system brings to their home.

Real Life Benefits Of Variable Speed HVAC

In this instance as you will see in the video, the customer we were helping was uncomfortable with uneven temperatures in the home, especially on the second story. Prior to calling Logan Services, the homeowner would heat with firewood to help with temperature levels – also hoping to cut down on expenses. After learning the benefits of a variable speed heating and cooling system in their home, the homeowner decided to upgrade their HVAC equipment. The staged furnace and air conditioner that was installed now allows air to move more evenly throughout the house, equaling a more balanced temperature.

The variable speed equipment also provides better dehumidification, better air filtration, and reduce utility bills; this customer was able to reduce their utility bills by $50 a month. If you are looking for HVAC replacement in the DaytonColumbus or Cincinnati areas, staged heating and cooling equipment is great for any home, especially those with two stories, as it will help provide more consistent and comfortable temperatures.

Watch our video above to learn more about the benefits of staged heating and cooling products in your home. Want to learn more? Visit our Single Stage vs. Variable Speed Heating & Cooling System blog.

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