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Why I Chose A Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini-Split to Condition My 2-Story Home

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Have you ever wondered if there was an effective way to correct hot and cold spots throughout your home, specifically on your second floor? Check out this testimonial from our Marketing Director, Amanda, to learn how the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system in her upstairs master bedroom was the best decision she could make for ultimate home comfort.

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About eight years ago I bought a ‘new to me’ home. Overall the heating and cooling in the home worked great. The existing Trane system was old, but in good condition. It has kept the main floor of my home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without much hassle or concern. 

The Problem Space In My House

While my family stayed comfortable downstairs, every summer the upstairs temperature of my home would be an extra 8-14 degrees warmer than the main floor. With all three bedrooms located upstairs, we’ve endured many sleepless summer nights with the climate upstairs feeling much too warm and muggy. As you can imagine, it was not a climate that was conductive for rest. Everyone has a heating/cooling problem spot in their home; mine just happens to be our second floor.    

Heating and Cooling Research Begins

The uncomfortable situation needed to be resolved. I took a lot of time researching various HVAC brands, and I talked to several comfort consultants from Logan A/C and Heat Services to learn how they would improve our climate condition. Just because I work in HVAC, doesn’t mean I know everything about it. Heating and cooling technology is rapidly changing, and I wanted to be sure I explored several options before tackling the project. 

Some of the home comfort resolutions that were offered to me included adding more ductwork to the upstairs and upgrading my heating/air conditioning system with larger units that could take on more capacity. This seemed like a viable option, yet I didn’t want to tear apart my walls, and I just wasn’t quite ready to replace my main, traditional heating/cooling system

Another option I learned about was adding a separate heating and cooling system to my upstairs and using my existing system only for the main floor of the house. This sounded quite logical, but it was going to be a costly option for me, as I would essentially be replacing one full system and adding another. 

Then, I was introduced to the option of Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-splits. A mini-split system works similar to a traditional system, but it’s an all-electric system. There is an outdoor unit which operates like a traditional heat pump. There is also an indoor ‘power head’ which is attached to the outdoor unit by a copper line-set (which is eventually covered with a product that looks like drain spouting). The unit is controlled by a remote control rather than a thermostat positioned on the wall. This make it’s easy to change the climate of the room without having to get out of bed, off the couch, etc. 

Why I Chose Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling For My Home

What I liked best about the Mitsubishi Electric ductless option is that the system requires no ductwork. That meant I could keep my existing heating and cooling system and add this system for supplemental air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

I chose Mitsusbishi Electric because it seemed to be the best option to help cool our upstairs bedrooms on extremely hot days. Our biggest ‘pain point’ about our current heating/cooling system is that it was just too hard to sleep with temperatures 10 degrees higher upstairs in our bedrooms v. the main floor. I like that I can turn the system on/off on an as needed basis. They system is built to be incredibly efficient, and can run on a low power mode on days that aren’t so hot or cold. We needed help with cooling our second floor, and Mitsubishi offered some of the best system features to help level out the indoor temperature of our home.    

Get Help From The Pros When It Comes To Instaling Mitsubishi

When researching I realized I could get a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system online and install it myself. Athough this looks like a very affordable option, the installation work is not the most feasible, even though I am an avidly like to tackle home improvement projects myself. Trust me, after watching the installation which took about one day with a team of installers from Logan Services, you do NOT want to take on this project on your own. There is a lot of work with upgrading the home’s electrical panel, running the electric to the outdoor unit, clearing the line set, and drilling a holes (even though they are small) from the inside to the outside of your home. If you want to get this project done right – leave it to the installers at Logan Services!

What Makes Mitsubishi Electric A Unique & Viable Choice

There are several interesting and helpful heating and cooling features that come standard with the Mitsubishi Electric hyper heat system. One of these features includes the technology of the I-see sensor. The indoor ‘power head’ includes a sensor that will scan the room searching for hot or cold spots. The fan veins will then send conditioned air to those areas of the room to zap or eliminate any temperature difference. 

There are several fan modes available to choose from which will dynamically change the way air flows from the powerhead. This is helpful since the power head is positioned on our main bedroom wall, and we can control the pattern of the airflow so air isn’t noticeably blowing on us while we are trying to sleep. 

The Value I Received From Mitsubishi Electric & The Team At Logan Services

After two months of having the Mitsubishi Electric ductless system, I can honestly tell you I’ve been able to get a better night’s sleep in a more comfortable room. I’ve learned that you can upgrade your bedroom set, mattress, etc. – but if you don’t do something to control the temperature and the airflow of your bedroom, it’s never going to feel totally comfortable. Mitsubishi Electric allowed us the comfort we need to get a good night’s sleep. 

Although these power heads are built to condition just one room, we’ve noticed more comfortable temperatures in the two other bedrooms upstairs as well. The Mitsubishi Electric system helps the overall airflow of the second story, which leads to more comfortable space as a whole. I no longer have a temperature variance of 8-14 degrees from upstairs to downstairs. Even on a 93-degree day, I was able to hold both the main floor and my bedroom upstairs at the same temperature. 

I don’t have to run full systems to keep only the rooms that are important to me comfortable. With Mitsubishi I have the capability to condition only the rooms that need an extra boost of heating or cooling. These ductless mini-split systems instantly heat/cool rooms so I can turn them on/off as needed. Because of this, I use less energy to achieve the results and temperature setting I want for the room.

My Recommendation For When You Have Home Heating/Cooling Needs

Making an upgrade for your heating/cooling system is a big decision. When it’s time for you to go through the process, make sure you talk with the professionals at Logan Services. Let them help you weigh options and talk about the goals you aim to accomplish through the heating and cooling project

Explore the options of adding a ductless heating and cooling mini-split system like Mitsubishi Electric to your home to help in places where a traditional system may not be the best fit. 

Never be afraid to ask questions.  There’s never too many questions when it comes to HVAC. 

Get comfortable; estimates are free, so your research begins here.  Sign up now to learn how Mitsubishi Electric may be a valuable solution for your home.  

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