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Keeping The Great Outdoors OUTSIDE: A Lesson In Indoor Air Quality

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Summer is a time to enjoy so many activities and exciting events. However, summer is also the time of year when seasonal allergies stemming from pollen, grasses, and weeds can pollute the air we breathe. Simply opening a window or a door when the weather is comfortable outside allows all of these harmful outdoor allergens inside.

There are several brands of indoor air quality products available that are designed to improve your indoor air making your home a healthier place. However, it may be difficult to know what product or service would be best for your home and what will alleviate the air quality issues you might be experiencing.

Below we give you our expert recommendations to help you find the best option that works for your home. Watch as one of our Comfort Consultants, Jeff, explains these options for cleaner air.

What Can You Do To Have Cleaner Air?

It starts with a good filter system. Believe-it-or-not, the air outside is actually cleaner than the air in your home, that’s because your air is only as good as your ventilation/filtration system. We recommend the Perfect Air Plus (PAP). This is an electronic air filter that captures up to 97% of particulates from the indoor air. The PAP filter removes pollen, dust, pet dander, and dust mites. This filter also is able to trap odors and harmful VOC’s. As the unwanted pollutants become trapped, we recommend you change the PAP filter every three months. If you have a standard furnace filter you will want to change it monthly – even in the summertime.

How Can The Feeling Of The Indoor Air Be Improved?

One element that we suffer from in the summertime is humidityHumidity can make your home uncomfortable and increase your chance of mold and allergens in the home. Improving the feeling of the air is not about moving air fast, but it is all about moving slowly and efficiently across the A-coil. Moving the air slowly across the A-coil will eliminate humidity from the air. Slow air movement will also promote cleaner air by allowing the air a chance to flow through your HVAC air filter and/or UV-lightLogan Services has a variety of Trane air conditioners designed to regulate airflow. Be sure to ask our professional comfort consultants about these cooling systems during your free in-home estimate.

Can Outdoor Elements Actually Wreak Havoc On Your Outdoor Air Conditioner?

Yes! There are many outdoor elements that can damage your outdoor A/C unit. Simple outdoor debris like cottonwood fuzz, sticks, leaves, and grass can get caught in the system over the course of time not only can debris damage the A/C, but it can also make it work harder. Make sure you plan for annual maintenance and cleaning for your HVAC system by one of our trained service technicians. While caring for your landscaping, make sure to mow away from your air conditioner, trim down any plants or weeds growing around it, and survey for any debris after storms.

Logan Services can provide annual maintenance on your system with our maintenance plan. A service technician will clean and check your air conditioner in the summer season and then the furnace in the fall season. Call the friendly team at Logan Services in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati for maintenance or replacement of your HVAC system

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