Indoor Air Quality In Cincinnati, Dayton And Columbus, Ohio

Keeping your indoor air clean and healthy for your family is an important goal. At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we know that the air inside could be several times worse than the outdoor air. If you or a family member has allergies to particles such as dust or pollen, there is a lot that we can do to help you manage the condition more effectively. With our duct cleaning and indoor air quality services, you can breathe easy.

Why You Need an Indoor Air Quality Professional

Even people who do not have allergies may have symptoms of poor indoor air quality in Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton. We can identify ways to help eliminate contaminants and allergens common to the area. Improving the ventilation in your home often makes it easier to control allergies or asthma, as well as the humidity.

We offer the following services:

  • Whole-Home Humidifier Installation: Indoor air humidity levels are recommended to be anywhere between 40-50%; if you are experiencing dry air at home, consider having a whole-home humidifier installed and hooked up directly to your existing heating and cooling system.
  • Duct CleaningDuctwork that becomes very dusty or dirty can cause system airflow/performance issues and keeps indoor air quality levels low. A whole-home duct cleaning is recommended to alleviate these issues (recommended every 5 or so years).
  • Selection and Installation of Indoor Air Quality SystemsFor homeowners who need a higher level of filtration or purification, we feature a variety of indoor air quality systems that can even work with your existing heating and cooling equipment.

Whether you are suffering from dry airallergies or breathing difficulties, homeowners can rely on the indoor air quality expertise of our technicians. If you’ve tried other home air quality products in the past with little to no results, it may be time to contact a professional to provide a more effective solution.

Filtering or neutralizing pollutants works more effectively if you can connect it directly to your home’s ventilation system. For your investment, you get a better result that can last long-term. If you are thinking about taking your indoor air quality to the next level, ask one of our Comfort Consultants about our financing options.

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For more than 50 years, we have been helping Ohio homeowners achieve their best health at home. Since we began in 1969, we have expanded to three Ohio locations to better serve our customers. Take a moment to visit our pages for each location to find your neighborhood and learn more about our services: 

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To find out how improving your indoor air quality in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus could change your life, contact us today.