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How To Maintain A Furnace Flame Sensor

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The inner workings of your furnace are intricate, and each piece works together to make sure that the furnace is working to make your home comfortable. However, if the furnace and its components aren’t maintained or cleaned regularly, an unnecessary breakdown could happen. 

It takes an experienced HVAC professional to know each part of your heating system and how to take care of it. Craig C., our Senior Service Technician, will show you how to maintain the furnace flame sensor and how it helps the furnace heat your home. 

What Is A Furnace Flame Sensor?

The furance flame sensor is a safety component in the furnace’s burner assembly. It confirms that the flame spreads across all burners. The heat from the flame detected produces a signal for the gas valve to stay on. 

How Do You Know When Your Flame Sensor Is Bad?

flame sensor can go bad and result in a breakdown of your furnace. You can tell that a flame sensor has gone bad if the flames ignite, then immediately shut off. If the flame sensor has gone bad, you will want to contact your local HVAC professional to help get your flame sensor and furnace back up and running. 

What Can You Do To Maintain Your Furnace Flame Sensor?

Like many parts of your furnace, your flame sensor needs to be maintained to keep the furnace running at its optimal performance. Our service technicians will check the flame sensor to ensure proper operation when you get your furnace tuned up. If cleaning is necessary, we can remove the flame sensor and scrub it with a scotch-brite pad. Remember to leave the cleaning of your flame sensor to the HVAC professionals at Logan Services

Are you still operating your furnace this season? It’s not too late to get your furnace serviced! If you are due for HVAC system maintenance, you can contact our friendly team to schedule a tune-up in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati

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