Heat Pump Maintenance

The ability to switch from effective cooling to heating and back again is one of the multiple benefits of owning a heat pump. At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we know that many of our Ohio customers have made a great investment in a heat pump for their homes, and we are proud to help them keep it running well.

When you use our heat pump maintenance services in Ohio, you can get the most from your heat pump. You will also receive our great customer service, every time. Scheduling professional upkeep with us once a year can lower your energy bills and ensure that your heat pump will last as long as possible.

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What to Expect During Your Heat Pump Tune Up Inspection

Although having Logan A/C and Heat Services perform your heat pump’s winter maintenance does not take very long, there are a lot of aspects that we will test and visually investigate. We count on homeowners to keep an eye on their heat pumps throughout the year, but we are happy to take care of the rest. A thorough check once a year can improve your heat pump output and efficiency more than you might think. When a member of our team arrives at the scheduled time for your heat pump’s annual maintenance, you can expect us to complete several tasks.

Our technicians will:

  • Identify areas around the heat pump that need clearing for adequate airflow
  • Operate the thermostat and change batteries, if needed
  • Confirm that the heat pump turns on and off appropriately
  • Test proper function of all heat pump operations
  • Inspect the air filter and replace it when necessary
  • Clean and lubricate components
  • Check the condensate drain line for blockages

If this inspection brings up any issues that may need repair or further observation, our expert technicians can walk you through the process and your options. Customers who have one of our maintenance agreements may receive discounts on additional work that arises from their heating pump’s annual maintenance.

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Find a Logan A/C and Heat Services Location Near You

It is not surprising that a company like Logan A/C and Heat Services has been around for over 50 years. After all, we have built a reliable business surrounding our fast and friendly service, with the kind of maintenance and repair that takes your home comfort to the next level.

To learn more about our commitment to Ohio homeowners like you, just visit one of the pages for our three locations:

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We know you only want the best from your heat pump. That is why we aim to provide the best heat pump preventative maintenance for you. To talk to us about our financing options or schedule a consultation, contact us today.