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Are you worried about your heat pump making it through another season? Learn how Logan A/C and Heat Services can help you with heat pump repair services by reading the information below: 

Reliable Heat Pump Repair Technicians Near YouRheem Heat Pump

In Cincinnati, who do you turn to when looking for a trusted and reliable local HVAC company? Look no further than Logan A/C and Heat Services. The company has been helping homeowners for more than 50 years with heat pump repair services, as well as professional heat pump installation.  

What Causes A Heat Pump To Stop Working?

The number one reason for heat pump repair in the Cincinnati area is neglect! Many times, an emergency service technician is the first person to look at a system when a problem occurs, and many of the times it’s due to little or no preventative maintenance. 

Indoors, a dirty filter is also a common culprit of system failure. Dirty filters block airflow and cause a lot of stress and overload on a heat pump unit.  

Like a traditional ac system, overgrown bushes that block the heat pump are like putting a piece of cardboard over the radiator of your car. It’s going to prohibit airflow and ruin the mechanics of the machine!

Here are a few other reasons why a heat pump can fail:  

Thermostat or Power Issue

Batteries in the thermostat will often result in HVAC equipment not turning on. A service call could be eliminated by putting fresh batteries in the thermostat. Ice, wind, thunderstorms, hail, and downed trees produced from storms that sweep through Cincinnati also have the potential to knock out power to your system. 

Varmints such as squirrels, mice, and insects can also be troublesome, wreaking havoc on your outdoor heat pump. A simple spider can get in the way of a switch or a gear and totally stop your heat pump from operating. 

Improper Fan Settings

Fan settings are important when it comes to air flow. Inadequate airflow with air moving too quickly or too slowly over the coil will cause major problems with how the heat pump is able to transfer heat within the home.

Blocked Registers

Whether operating as a heating or cooling system, blocked registers cause unnecessary stress and strain on the heating and cooling system, forcing it to work harder. Restricted registers and dampers don’t allow your system to breathe. When you start shutting down registers, you begin causing stress to your system. It’s just like your body. If you start pinching arteries, you’ll cause stress on your heart. 

Dirty Coil or FanDirty Blower Motor

Dirt is a major factor when it comes to higher energy bills. A layer of dirt can increase your energy usage up to 30%. 
Even the thinnest layer of dirt or debris can cause stress on your fan blades or coil. Ice can weigh fan blades down and rip the fan blades out when they start to spin. Dirt on your coil will restrict airflow and you’ll have trouble keeping your compressor cool. The last thing you want to do is overheat your compressor by simply not keeping your outdoor coils clean and free of debris.

Broken Belt

Belts are mostly used in commercial applications today, however if you have a belt on your blower motor it means your furnace is very old – most likely from the 1970s or older. If there's a sign of the belt being broken there will be absolutely no air moving through your system. 

Loose Parts

Loose parts on a heat pump create noise and can show signs of overuse. These parts will eventually rattle away and fall apart. These broken parts could damage even more components of the unit, and lead to no heat/cool and expensive repair if cold air is coming out of registers.

4 Most Common Heat Pump Repairs

There are four common culprits that require a professional Cincinnati heat pump repair:

Frozen SystemFrozen Air Conditioner

Your outdoor coil can freeze due to an improper defrost cycle in the unit or low refrigerant charge. The coil will likely have to thaw before service repair can be completed. 

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks happen when a seal is broken. This can happen at any time; there are many brazed joints through the coils where leaks could occur. It could happen through a factory braze or installation braze. If you have low refrigerant due to a leak in your outdoor coil, your heat pump can freeze up. 

Reversing Valve Failure

A low refrigerant charge can result in the failure of a reversing valve. When this happens, your heat pump system won’t be able to switch from heating mode to air conditioning.

Your system also requires a part called a solenoid. When this part fails, it prohibits the system from switching back and forth from heating to cooling. 

Electrical Failure

Beyond the power outage to the home, a loss of electrical connection anywhere in the system can cause excessive heat. This heat could cause wires to burn and be melted apart. Some electrical failures even have the potential to cause electrical fires within the heat pump system.  

You can take action to prevent a breakdown from occurring on your heat pump system. Learn how:

Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance

Logan Services offers heat pump maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about any avoidable repairs. Our maintenance plans offer a comprehensive check of the system to make sure nothing is broken and to assess the general overall wear and tear on the system. The service technicians will check heat banks in effort to make sure the heat elements are functional. Amp draws on the heat bank will also be recorded, and the service technician will make sure all other electrical components of the system are in good condition and are not drawing amps higher than the recommended levels. (High amp draws show there’s likely a problem with the system.)

It's a good habit to also allow a service technician to also check air flow, system filtration, refrigerant charge, and do a thorough coil cleaning on a seasonal basis.  

The best heat pump is an efficient heat pump. During heat pump maintenance, the technician will want to assess the BTU (British Thermal Unit) outputs to make sure the equipment is working to its fullest efficiency. Temperature splits will be monitored to make sure the system is putting out the proper amount of heat within the home.

Why Choose Our Heat Pump Repair Services in Cincinnati & Surrounding Areas

Logan Services offers comprehensive heat pump services. Each one of our service technicians have gone through a service apprenticeship program and have been provided the top education for HVAC techs and service repairmen. The service technicians have been given all the resources necessary to correct your issue and answer any questions you may have. The leadership team is also in place to make sure our customers are treated with the utmost care and respect through the entire service process from phone call to finished repair. We are not here to persuade you, but to inform you of your current HVAC system and any potential replacement options if interested. Our professional team also offers installation services throughout the Cincinnati area keeping you comfortable, safe, and healthy all year long. 

FAQs Regarding Heat Pump Repair

How can I tell if my heat pump needs to be repaired?

If your heat pump is not efficient or losing efficiency, it may be time to consider a repair. High utility bills are a tell-tale sign that there’s something wrong. If your heat pump has stopped working, or if you noticed ice on the outdoor unit, it’s time to make a call for professional heat pump repair.

How often do heat pumps need maintenance?

Heat pumps require seasonal maintenance. The indoor air handler should be checked before the heating season, and the outdoor unit needs to be checked in the spring before cooling season begins.

Why is there ice on my heat pump?

Cincinnati heat pumps can freeze due to an improper defrost cycle in the unit or low refrigerant charge. The coil will likely have to thaw before service repair can be completed. 

Are you available for emergencies? 

Logan A/C and Heat Services officers comprehensive heat pump services through 24/7 service and through annual maintenance plans. We offer free estimates on new HVAC equipment.