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What To Expect After Your Logan HVAC Installation

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You’ve made a great selection choosing Logan A/C & Heat Services for the installation of your new heating/cooling system. Now that you are set up with your new HVAC equipment, you may be ready to refresh on the next steps required to complete your system inspection.

Read on to learn about permits, inspections and how to coordinate the finishing touches on the process of HVAC replacement…

Permits for HVAC Installation

Why does Logan A/C and Heat Services pull permits for heating and air conditioning installations?

Logan A/C and Heat Services requests permits on every installation provided to ensure each installation is completed to code.  Codes are standards that are set in place by local/state/federal municipalities to make sure building construction or services do not cause damage to the property or the people that reside within the home. 

Schedule Your Inspection

What steps do you have to take after the installation is complete?

You will receive a letter from Logan A/C and Heat Services in the mail.  This letter will include your installation’s permit number.  There will be a phone number included with this information for you to call to get a date/time scheduled for your job inspection. Please note: many counties offer will not offer a time window until the day of the inspection. 

The inspection will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.  The inspector will need access to both the heating and cooling units to ensure the job is up to code.  The disconnect boxes near your air conditioner will be thoroughly checked as well as the refrigerant lines.  The inspector will also open up your furnace to check out the wiring and gas line inside the casing to ensure the equipment meets the current standards of installation and operation.  Don’t be surprised if the inspector asks to take a look at your main electrical panel as well.  He/she will want to make sure you have the proper amount of voltage available to operate your new equipment.  Too much or too little electricity can cause severe damage to your new heating and cooling system.  The inspector wants to make sure that nothing was overlooked or neglected during the time of installation that could cause your home or your family harm.

Await Results Of Inspection

How do you know if your installation was performed correctly?

Most inspections pass with flying colors.  When your heating/cooling installation passes the inspection, you will be given a green tag, or a passing certificate. The information will be documented by the county in which you live. Keep any information you are given during the inspection with your owner’s manual. 

What happens if your installation does not pass inspection?

If your cooling/heating installation does not pass the inspection, your inspector will tell you at the time of your appointment.  Most failed systems can still operate, but listen to the inspector, and do not operate this equipment if the inspector tells you to keep the system shut off.  Call Logan Services immediately so any problems may be quickly solved.  It’s not common for problems to occur, however when working with machines and technology there at times can be errors that occur.  We will work with you to get your new heating and air conditioning system back up and running according to code as soon as possible. 

Questions About HVAC Installation Inspection

Who should you contact if you have questions concerning your HVAC installation?

If you should have any questions concerning your new HVAC installation or questions regarding the inspection process, give our team a call.  We are here to help your family achieve total home comfort.

IMPORTANT: CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detectors should NOT be moved after the installation.  Please leave them located where the installers originally installed them.  Moving a CO detector may cause your inspection to fail. 

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