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What To Do When Your A/C Isn’t Cooling

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It’s definitely heating up out there, and your air conditioner has been put to the test for the first time this season.

Have you noticed any problems with how it is cooling your home?

Before you call for A/C repair, there are a few quick things you can try:

Check Your Electrical Box
Especially if you have experienced a recent power outage due to stormy weather, check to see if the breaker for your heating & cooling system has been tripped or a fuse blown.

Check Your Thermostat
Make sure it is set on “cool” with the fan switch set to the “on” position. Also, check your thermostat by setting the temperature 10 degrees below room temperature to make sure your system turns on. If it doesn’t turn on, you may want to try changing out the batteries.

Check Your Air Filter
Be sure that the filter is clean. A dirty filter will not allow the proper air to flow through your system, which could lead to a system breakdown.

Check Your Condensate Pump
To keep your drain or condensate line free of debris, pour a cup of white vinegar into the drain and let that sit for an hour or so.  Follow this up with a cup of hot water.  This is good to do a few times each year so that your drain line stays clean.

If none of these steps are able to fix your problem, you should call our professionals at Logan Services. We will send a service technician to your home to help to access and fix the problem.

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