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There are many things to know and keep track of with your heating and cooling system during the colder months. Sometimes, not knowing how to best care

We’ve all seen it before: animals in the wild attack their prey, each other, and even people, but did you know that your home HVAC system is

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), also known as Sick Home or Tight Building Syndrome, refers to a person or people getting sick from a direct correlation of spending time

With cooler temperatures coming to the Ohio region and more time being spent inside the home, we want to make sure you are staying comfortable, healthy,

Bad hair days do happen, and a common culprit is… humidity. While high humidity can make for bad hair days, it can also affect your home and health.

Whether you are experiencing a blank thermostat or another technology glitch in your HVAC system, it’s possible that your wifi 824/850 Trane thermostat will need to be rebooted. You might

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer. How do you separate fact from fiction? Watch as our

Changing your furnace filter is extremely important for your system to stay in great working condition. Logan Services offers an exclusive product called the Perfect Air Plus that electronically charges

You’ve most likely heard the Trane tagline:  It’s hard to stop a Trane. As Ohio’s #1 volume, residential Trane dealer, we don’t take the meaning behind

Because indoor air quality can actually be 20x more polluted than outdoor air, it begs the question of how to improve our indoor air. Logan


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