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What’s really going on in your basement? Are you scared to turn on your furnace this fall? Do you think untimely repairs will cost you?

We know that sometimes programming a newer thermostat can seem complicated. Our experts can help show you how to set and disable a schedule on Trane’s

Going into the heating season, having the proper safety precautions to avoid carbon monoxide exposure is essential. Our team at Logan Services wanted to share tips about

With the aftermath of the tornadoes that swept through the Miami Valley, we met with one of our senior service technicians to ask him what you should do

While most modern gas furnaces are lit with an electronic ignition, if you have an older furnace, there’s a good chance that you have a standing pilot flame that starts

The colder temperatures will be starting to set in soon as the seasons continue to change. If you haven’t already begun thinking about your heating needs for the

Have you recently experienced that tickle in your nose or dryness in your eyes? These late summer months are the typical start of weed pollination,

We’ve already experienced numerous hot days this spring and summer season! Since there is still a lot of hot weather left to come this year,


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