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The Importance Of Furnace Efficiency

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Colder weather has arrived in the Ohio region and that means you are ready for your furnace to work in full force to keep your home comfortable this season. After the surge of high utility prices in the summer, furnace efficiency will be important during the heating season because we don’t see the high utility prices going down anytime soon. 

According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, heating bills are expected to increase by 17% across the country – costing about $177 more on average. Keeping the rising costs in mind, Logan Services has some ways to increase your efficiency and keep your furnace working its best.

What Is The Best Way To Increase Furnace Efficiency?

The best way to increase furnace efficiency really comes down to replacing your old, inefficient furnace. If your furnace is 20+ years old or if it’s a builders grade furnace, it’s probably 80% efficient at best. A brand new furnace can provide up to 97% efficiency, and it can really help reduce the utility usage when it comes to heating your home

How Does Furnace Efficiency Work?

Furnaces are built to be more efficient these days. With multi-stage technologyfurnaces are built to run longer which helps cycle the air in your home. The air has a lesser chance of settling and you will experience more precise airflow throughout your home. You will also notice temperatures will stay more consistent and you won’t have to worry about hot and cold spots. A multi-stage furnace is never on or off, it runs at a more efficient rate by using less power/fuel when less is needed, on those slightly warmer days. 

How To Keep Your New Furnace Efficient

Keep your furnace up-to-date with routine maintenance. Something homeowners can hold themselves accountable for each month is replacing the furnace filter. A clogged furnace filter will lead to less airflow and in turn make your furnace work harder to keep up on the temperature in the home. A clean furnace filter will allow for better airflow and will not cause as much wear and tear on the HVAC system

How Maintenance Plans Can Help With Furnace Efficiency

Keep your furnace and air conditioner (or heat pump if you have an electric home) tuned-up annually. If any problems are detected, we can get them taken of quickly before the REAL cold weather hits. Also, maintenance plans help validate any warranties you may have for your HVAC system

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