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How To Replace A Perfect Air Plus Filter

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Changing your furnace filter is extremely important for your system to stay in great working condition. Logan Services offers an exclusive product called the Perfect Air Plus that electronically charges particles in the home to not only filter the air but also cleans the air. The Perfect Air Plus also traps odors, removes harmful allergens and they are easy to take care of.

This electronic air cleaner is extremely popular with customers because they are one of the best HVAC filters in the market, providing more benefits than a standard 1″ filter. Unlike a standard filter that stays good for 30 days, the Perfect Air Plus filter will help produce clean indoor air for about 3 months.

If you weren’t sure how to change out your Perfect Air Plus filter or just need a refresher, below we have a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to replace the filter.

Perfect Air Plus Filter Replacement

1. Open the small filter rack door.

2. Check to see if red light in the top corner is on, this light means it has power running to it.

3. Next, turn the power off to the Perfect Air Plus filter. Find the switch (looks like a light switch) on the side of the furnace and flip off or go to your breaker box and flip the breaker off.

4. Make sure the red light is turned off, then unplug wire connection from the filter to the furnace and slide the Perfect Air Plus metal encasement out of the opening.

5. After sliding that out, set it on a flat, steady surface for easy handling.

6. Flip down the red-tip levers on either side of the filter to open up the encasement and pull the filter out.

7. Get your new Perfect Air Plus filter replacement and place it in the encasement. Make sure the black wire inside the encasement is touching the small metal pad on the inside of the actual filter (it should say LPD on it).

8. Double-check that there are no gaps around the filter and then close the encasement; you want the plastic cap on the inside top of the encasement lined up with the metal pad inside the filter.

9. Clip the red tip levers back into place so the encasement locks in the filter.

10. Slide the Perfect Air Plus back into the furnace rack opening, plug the wire back into the filter.

11. Restore power to the furnace in the same fashion you previously turned it off.

12. Confirm that the red light is back on, and close the filter door to complete replacement. 

Keeping up on the habit of changing your Perfect Air Plus filter will extend the life of your system, save money on energy usage, and keep your air clean and purified.

Logan Services is happy to provide you with Perfect Air Plus filters. If you need more filters, please visit our filter page to see what sizes we offer and how we can accommodate you in the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas.

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