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When Animals Attack: How Critters Can Disrupt Your HVAC System

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We’ve all seen it before: animals in the wild attack their prey, each other, and even people, but did you know that your home HVAC system is also a possible victim to an animal “attack”?

As we go into colder temperatures this year, if your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, it’s not uncommon to find that an animal has been the culprit.

Read on and watch the video below to learn about some of the most common animals that can wreak havoc on your HVAC system and what you can expect as a result…


Rodents, like mice and squirrels, look for places to build their nests, and unfortunately, they sometimes find their homes in the external component of your HVAC system. These rodents will chew through the wiring in the equipment, leaving you with a damaged unit. To help prevent rodents from damaging your outdoor unit, set up traps around the system.


Snakes are another one of the animals that can cause damage to your outdoor unit. Snakes can cause damage to the electrical components while getting into your system. Logan Services has even removed a dead snake from a customer’s A/C unit that caused the A/C unit to breakdown.


Insects can indeed damage your outdoor A/C unit. Even the smallest of insects, such as ants, can get into the A/C unit and become attracted to the wiring electricity and start chewing on the wiring; this causes wiring shortages in the system. Keep an eye out also for wasps nests and spiders, they can also cause damage to your HVAC system.


Birds seem to find different and odd places to build their nests, and your A/C unit could be one of those places. Birds can nest in your outdoor air conditioning unit, and with the electric current running through the system, there could be a possible shortage; a bird’s nest could even contribute to a fire starting within the unit.

Dogs & Cats

Many of us have dogs and cats as companions in our home, but sometimes they are not friendly to our home heating/cooling system. When we let Fido outside to ‘do his business’, he may be tempted to pee on the outdoor A/C unit. Dog urine has acid in it, causing the metal to corrode and rust on the refrigerant coil.

Animals can cause severe damage to your HVAC unit, and Logan Services can help. If you think you have an animal problem with your HVAC unit or if it’s just not running as efficiently as it should, Logan Services is happy to come out and help you.

While many animal scenarios are difficult to prevent altogether, having your HVAC system tuned-up each heating and cooling season is a great way to learn about an issue before it becomes too detrimental to your furnace or air conditioning units.

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