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VIDEO: How Hard Is It To Stop A Trane?

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You’ve most likely heard the Trane tagline:  It’s hard to stop a Trane. As Ohio’s #1 volume, residential Trane dealer, we don’t take the meaning behind that tagline lightly. Each day we strive to offer our customers durable, reliable heating and air conditioning equipment that will provide long-lasting value and comfort for their homes. 

Recently, we caught up with our service manager, Chris who was visiting a customer with an old (33-years to be exactly) Trane heating and air conditioning system.  We asked him to share his thought about Trane and how customers can best decide when it’s time to officially stop an old Trane unit.

What are determining factors that customers should watch for with an old heating and cooling system?

As a homeowner, you’ll want to consider age.  Anything over 12 years may be suspect for replacement depending on other variables including:

  • The system has a hard time keeping up with the desired temperature settings
  • The home not feeling as comfortable as it should
  • Multiple repairs
  • An increase in utility usage

Why replace an older Trane system with a new Trane system that offers high efficiency?

High-efficiency systems will allow for better heating/cooling without having to increase your utility usage.  The newer Trane air conditioners and gas furnaces will allow for more consistent temperatures throughout your CincinnatiColumbus, or Dayton home offering more comfort.

Does Trane offer the same legacy of manufacturing a durable system just as it did decades ago?

Trane is known as one of the top manufacturers in the heating and air conditioning industry.  They prove their systems’ durability by placing multiple proto-types in extreme testing conditions before offering Trane units and Trane models to homeowners here in Ohio.

What do homeowners have to do to get started with furnace replacement or air conditioner replacement?

Schedule a visit from one of our experts.  We can help guide homeowners through the process of choosing the proper Trane system for their home, budget, and home lifestyle.  Estimates are free and can also be offered during a service or maintenance visit.

Our team at Logan A/C and Heat Services is ready to assist you with your heating/cooling needs. Let us know how we can help today!
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