Efficient HVAC Replacement
"We replaced our 24 year old furnace with a Trane installed by Logan A/C & Heat...
Replacing 15 Year Old HVAC
furnace ac replacement services in Dayton, OH
"Percey and mom love our new TRANE HVAC system. So nice and warm now."
New Air Handler & Heat Pump
air handler and heat pump install huber heights
"CONSULTATION: Our 20 year old Trane heat pump finally needed to be replaced. After...
All-Electric HVAC Replacement
air handler and heat pump in batavia oh
"Hey Guys! My new installation just passed inspection this morning! Thank you so...
Furnace, Heat Pump & Ductless
Mitsubishi ductless heat pump columbus, oh
"Not only did Logan Services update my furnace and A/C with a new Trane Heat pump...
A/C & Gas Furnace Replacement
air conditioner repacement in clayton oh
"Shamelessly promoting the XL18i. Quick, professional installation. We highly...
Replacement Of Broken HVAC
new furnace and ac in dayton oh
"Remember last week when it was so hot? Our air conditioner went out and the problem...
Upgrading 13 Year Old HVAC
"I decided to replace my a/c unit and furnace after having them for 13 years, I got...
Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Furnace
heating and cooling Miamisburg
"We are so happy with our new Trane Heat/AC unit!!!"
Furnace & A/C Financing
"I had been putting off replacing my HVAC for years. Finally decided to make the...
Replacing Old Furnace & A/C
ac furnace replacement west chester
"Had to replace our old furnace and air conditioner. Checked around and liked the...
Affordable HVAC Replacement
"We just recently purchased a new furnace and ac unit from Logan's and couldn...