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Tips On Teaching Your Kids About Your HVAC System

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School is out, and it’s time for summer vacation, but no matter what your age, the learning should never stop. To encourage summer learning and helping with chores around the house, we have some tips when it comes to teaching your kids about your heating and cooling system. 

Read on and watch the video below for tips on how to get your kids involved in HVAC maintenance and safety

Tip #1 – Furnace Filter Maintenance

Keep up on furnace filter maintenance and show your kids how to switch out the filters. If you have a standard furnace filter, change it on a monthly basis. If you have a Perfect Air Plus (PAP) filter, change it every three months. Then, safely show your kids how it traps allergens and keeps your family breathing clean air

Tip #2 – Keep The Outdoor AC Coil Clean

If your older kids are helping with the outdoor chores, like mowing the lawn, teach them to mow away from the air conditioner. Lawn clippings can clog the outdoor system coil, which will make your ac work even harder and can lead to issues down the road. 

Tip #3 – Clean Up Around The A/C After Storms

Storms move through our area throughout the summer, and while many aren’t severe, some are and can blow debris around the air conditioner. After storms, teach your kids to pick up sticks and other debris that may have fallen around the outdoor unit

Tip #4 – Know How To Use The Thermostat

Show your kids the thermostat and how the temperature settings affect the utility bill. This can be a great summer math lesson. Make it a family goal to close blinds, keep doors and windows shut and turn off unused lights/appliances; this will keep the home cooler and delay the thermostat from kicking on the air conditioner

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