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Local Teacher Wins Big In Appreciation Giveaway

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School is back and session, and with it comes our NEW GIVEAWAY WINNER announcement!

Congratulations to Mrs. Scott at Nevin Coppock Elementary School in Tipp City for being the winner of our Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

We learned about Mrs. Scott (pictured on the left) when we received a nomination entry from Marcie (pictured on the right), a parent of a former student. Marcie’s kind words about Mrs. Scott and the work that she does in her Kindergarten classroom really blew us away!

“Mrs. Scott is the kind of teacher that you could only dream that your child would have. She sets the bar incredibly high for anyone who has to follow her. My daughter was in her kindergarten class. She had some issues with speech, and while I was petrified that no one would understand my child, I was entirely mistaken. Mrs. Scott went way above and beyond what I thought an educator ever would. Not only did Mrs. Scott learn to understand my daughter in speech, but she understood my daughter’s personality and character. She encouraged my daughter in ways that I thought only a mother could do. I saw this not only in my own child, but in other children in the classroom.

Mrs. Scott teaches from the heart. I would love to see her have every single supply that she needs to rock this next year, so that those kids who need a little extra love, need a little extra effort, need extra life and encouragement poured into them have every single opportunity. Thank you Mrs. Scott for being such a phenomenal educator and example. Over time I’m glad to call you my friend!”

Well said, Marcie! Your entry really highlights the true reason that we here at Logan A/C & Heat Services wanted to put on this giveaway: to show huge appreciation and gratitude to those teachers who make an impact on not only their students, but parents and others in the community as well!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mrs. Scott! We hope you enjoy our ‘Back 2 School’ supply bin and gift cards! We wish you and all teachers a great school year!

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