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Super Cool A/C Giveaway Winner Announcement

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Logan Services is thrilled to have partnered with 99.7 The Blitz for the third year in a row for the Super Cool A/C Giveaway! This year, we received an overwhelming number of entries from awesome listeners in the Columbus area. After careful consideration, we selected one lucky winner to receive a FREE Trane air conditioner, including professional installation!

Congratulations to Rhonda S. from Columbus!

ac winner

Rhonda’s entry of why she needed a new A/C read:

“I am a loyal Logan customer. I have tried hard to get the most out of my old unit. Including scheduled maintenance checks by Logan, but I am also realistic that I am going to need another one soon. I convinced my mom to get a new furnace and A/C from Logan! I am a teacher at Columbus City Schools, and let’s be honest! I am NOT a teacher because of the money! This would go a long way in helping my family financially, being that I have one son attending OSU, and my other son just got braces. I appreciate the way that you provide opportunities like this to make a difference.”

We were so excited to share with Rhonda that she was chosen as the winner of the Super Cool A/C Giveaway as the recipient of a brand new Trane A/C! When we called to let her know, she said, “Are you serious? Thank you so much, I’m trying not to cry because I’m in the classroom with my students right now!”

She was shocked and appreciative, saying, “Thank you, thank you.” Rhonda’s system may have been working, but it was coming up on borrowed time and past its lifespan of 11 years.

Our team decided that, after looking at her existing unit, it made sense to replace both the air conditioner and furnace, given its age of 11 years. The furnace and A/C work together, so we want to make sure her home will be completely comfy.

After the installation, Rhonda shared her experience with us:

“My aging system was still kicking thanks to my maintenance plan check-ups. When I saw the giveaway, I entered it, not thinking it would amount to anything, but I was wrong! Kyle and Jarrett did an amazing job installing and explaining our new system. I’m so thankful that this is one expense that I don’t have to worry about! I can’t say enough great things about Logan Services and their employees!!”

We are honored to provide a brand new Trane system for Rhonda and her family! Logan Services is happy to ensure peace of mind and comfort with the addition of your new system.

Could your home benefit from a new air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace this year? Get a FREE ESTIMATE from our team today and start planning for your HVAC project now!

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