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Keeping Your Home Healthy & Cool During The “Dog Days Of Summer”

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It’s likely that you have heard the expression “Dog Days Of Summer“, but do you know the meaning behind it?

The “Dog Days” phrase surprisingly comes from constellation patterns during this season. Around this time of year, it has been observed that the sun occupies the same area of the sky as Sirius (the brightest star visible from Earth) and the rest of the constellation Canis Major, which means “Greater Dog”.

During the time period between July 3rd and August 11th, the Romans believed that because Sirius (the Dog Star) is so bright, it gave off heat and added to the sun’s warmth, which accounted for the long, sweltering days of summer. This belief led to the common “Dog Days” expression that we hear about this time of year.

Now that you know the history of the “Dog Days Of Summer”, let us show you ways that Logan Services can help keep you healthy, safe, and cool throughout the rest of the summer season.

A/C Replacement

During these hot days, it can be miserable if your A/C fails and you have to try and stay cool without an air conditioner. Even if your A/C doesn’t fail, you may be experiencing disappointing output or high utility bills, which might mean you will want to consider A/C replacement. The HVAC experts at Logan Services can meet with you for an in-home estimate, so you can get the air conditioning upgrade options that will work best for your home.

Maintenance Plans

Air conditioner maintenance is important to make sure your system is working for optimal home comfort. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your A/C, will make your HVAC system more effectively, and help with keeping utility bills down. Logan Services offers maintenance plans to ensure that your HVAC system will work at it’s best during summer and during winter; contact our team if you’re interested in a maintenance plan.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is important in keeping you and your family healthy, especially when you have pets. The air in your home could be full of dog/pet dander, hair, germs, bacteria, and other allergens, like dust or pollen.

Do your part to help the air quality inside of your home:

  • Change your air filter once a month, as it catches dust, dirt, and hair to help keep your air cleaner.
  • Schedule a duct cleaningLogan Services can clean your ducts and reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and pet hair/dander that circulates within your HVAC system.
  • Consider more advanced indoor air cleaning products, such as the APCO UV Light; this device can be installed within your HVAC system, and it will work to purify and treat the air throughout your home. The UV Light can decrease allergens, destroy dust particles, and kill harmful microbes.

If you are interested in A/C replacement, a maintenance plan, or clean air quality products this season in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati, call or text our team now to schedule your appointment!

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